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Take Care of Your Home with These Roof Maintenance Tips


Your roof is just as important as the foundations of your home, it you don’t take steps to maintain it, you could end up facing a serious issue.

General Inspection

You should inspect your roof at least every 3 months to ensure everything is in good condition. If you’ve just experienced strong winds, you should get your ladder out and inspect your roof for damage. If you aren’t physically capable of getting up to your roof, or you’d rather call a professional, you can hire quality roofers in Ayr to examine your property.

Here are some things to look for when studying your roof for damage:

  • Loose shingles
  • Holes or cracks
  • Missing shingles
  • Interior – water stains in the attic

Clear Mould & Fungus

If mould and fungus breathe on your roof, they can cause rapid deterioration and eat through shingles. The easy way to identify mould and fungus is by looking at the colour of your roof, if its is streaked or changed colour, you may need professional help to remove it.

Clear Branches & Leaves

If you have trees overlooking your property, you should take some to ensure they aren’t interfering with your roof. A heavy branch that gets ripped off during high winds can cause serious damage to your roof. Leaves can also block your gutters, resulting in a build up of rain water.

Keeping your roof in tip top condition doesn’t have to be difficult, if you don’t feel safe going out on the roof, call a professional for help.

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