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Tips To Selecting the Best Battery For Your Solar Energy System


Solar batteries from different manufacturers differ in specifications and performance. Some brands perform better when it comes to storing energy for longer, others charger faster while others provide more energy in a more regulated way. All solar battery brands are perfect for different kinds of solar energy systems so paying attention to the details that matter when choosing will save you money and time. Here are some fundamental specifications and qualities to compare when choosing which battery to install in your solar energy system.

Power and Capacity

Thecapacity and power ratings in different solar batteries differ. The total amount of power a battery can store equals its total electricity capacity. The majority of modern batteries especially the ones manufactured and sold by https://www.moixa.com/solar-battery/ can be stacked with other solar batteries to increase the maximum power output. A battery’s power rating describes the maximum electricity it can generate in a given time. Different batteries have varied maximum power rating. Getting a battery that has high capacity and power rating is the way to go if you want to get maximum power production from your solar system.

Round-Trip Efficiency

The round-trip efficient of a solar battery talks about the percentage of the usable energy from the total amount of energy stored by a battery. The best example will be a battery that stores 12 kWh and the only usable energy is 9 kWh. The total round-trip battery efficiency of such a battery will be 75%. A battery with more round-trip efficiency will offer higher economic value so when shopping; look for a battery with a high round-trip efficiency.

Battery Life

A battery’s ability to hold a charge as per the given rating will keep decreasing with time. The rate of deterioration differs from one brand to the other. Some brands deteriorate in value quicker than others. You will be surprised to discover that batteries from trusted and smarter manufacturers like https://www.moixa.com/solar-battery/ keep energy for longer cycles and don’t deteriorate in value quickly. They will serve you for several years before they start losing energy quicker than expected. As well, they will serve you for a good number of years so you don’t need to worry about investing so much on solar batteries every so often.

With the increased demand for solar batteries and panels, smarter manufacturers are coming up. It’s no longer the era in which people used to rely on specific brands. We have tons of smaller but smarter brands that are doing quite well. One of those brands is https://www.moixa.com/solar-battery/. Moixa has won tons of awards for being the best manufacturer who capitalizes on creating quality batteries and panels. They have been in most trusted online and offline magazines, tech blogs, information websites, and tech specialty media.

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