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Protecting Your Family Pet from Electrical Hazards


Potential electrical hazards are everywhere in your home and having pets wandering around makes it even more dangerous. Many of us leave our phones charging overnight or run out to the local grocery store for 10 minutes while our laundry is on, doing these things in a hazardous environment could cause our pets to get into harms way. Electricians in Essex can assess your property to ensure it meets health and safety standards, they offer a range of services for all your electrical needs such as:

  • Preventative electrical maintenance
  • Electrical safety inspections
  • Faulty circuit rewiring
  • Defective fuse repairs
  • Minor repairs

A qualified electrical company can help to safeguard your pets and inspect your home to ensure everyone is living in a safe environment.

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Safety Tips

Along with having your home checked by a trained electrician, you can also do some other things to protect your family pet from electrical hazards.

Purchase Good Equipment – Don’t skimp on good equipment, it can and will save your pet’s life in certain circumstances. Cords are generally exposed in your home and cheaper products are more likely to overheat, so buy good equipment that won’t cause injuries to your pets.

Keep Cords Together – Buy a product that enables you to wrap all your cords together and hide them out of sight.

Unplug Cords – Many of us have a habit of leaving TV’s and phones on overnight, if your pet is wandering around and gets tangled in a cord, they could easily get electrocuted or start a major fire in your home.

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