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How to maintain a beautiful carpet


Getting a good wrinkle-free finish is a must for a satisfactory look of the carpet. So along with the people installing the carpet, there are a few things you must take care of as well. Only buying fine carpets in Buckingham will not do the trick. You have to care for it. Small things like door repairs that may spoil the corners or any damage below the carpet, so that there is no ripping incidence. Take care of any wrinkles that may spoil the look. Also, make sure to move the furniture away before the installation of the carpet. But other than that these are many more small points that we tend to neglect.

  • Movement: when the installation of the carpet is under process try to avoid any movement over the carpet, especially moving the furniture over the carpet to make space. Heavy movement over the carpet can ruin the finish and make it worn out even before being installed. This will destroy the beautiful look that you were aiming for. Even if you have to move the furniture get it lifted and do not drag.
  • Sharp edges: you must keep the nails of your pets trimmed all the time to avoid any damage to the carpet. Even take care of any sharp scissors or knives when you are sitting on the carpet. If in case you do notice a loop peeing from the carpet be sure to trim it using a very sharp scissors to avoid any further damage or ripping. If you try to pull it there will be a long run through the length of the carpet that may look ugly later.
  • Cleaning: you must keep the carpet clean to have a soft feel and glossy look. The carpet can catch a lot of dust, so be sure to vacuum regularly. You can call the people at carpets in Buckingham for a professional clean-up as well. Do not let the pet dander or other allergens accumulate in it so that you are safe from any allergies or other respiratory problems.
  • Depressions: if you notice depressions in the carpets, frequent vacuuming will help remove them. The area under the furniture legs must be shifted after a few days so that there is no permanent damage to the carpet. If there is a deeper depression you can try a home remedy. Damp the area a little and then dry it with a hairdryer while you softly try to lift the fiber with your fingers.

Spots: whenever you notice a stain on the floor you have to clean it immediately. Leaving any spot unattended will damage the carpet forever. If there is a spill, you must soak it and get the area dry as soon as possible. If there is seepage then it will be very difficult to clean it later. You can contact the carpet installers for deeper cleaning once in a while if there has been a party or dinner and the stains are beyond your effort. They will be the best people to care for the carpet and make it fresh like before.

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