3 Reasons to Schedule a Chimney Repair Inspection


Looking at your chimney from the outside you may think everything looks fine, but there can be important repairs hiding on the inside. What are the most common signs of chimney deterioration?

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    Masonry Cracks

If your structure is made of brick, you’ll require masonry repair to ensure the chimney stays in excellent working order. Your chimney is exposed to the elements all year round, it gets hit with heavy rain, strong winds and baking hot UV rays. If you’ve noticed some cracks and you think your masonry is starting to show signs of decline, get in touch with quality roofing services in Fulham to assess the structure.

A first-class roofing company can deal with all sorts of maintenance and repair work, including:

  • Chimney pot repairs
  • Brickwork cleaning
  • Replacement & restoration
  • Chimney pointing
  1. Exposed Bricks

After a period of time, the mortar joints that hold your chimney together will start to come loose. When they do, you’ll be able to see exposed bricks on your chimney. When the chimney begins to show protruding bricks, it leaves the structure open to moisture. Added moisture in the brickwork can freeze inside cracks in the masonry, leading to more damage.

  1. Staining

If you notice any white stains on your chimney, you may need brickwork cleaning, or it could indicate a more serious problem. A stain on your chimney might mean you’ve excess moisture getting into the masonry.

It is essential that you call a professional roofing business the moment you see any problems with your chimney.