The best garden designs welcome home guests all year round. If you love your home, try loving the open garden space, as well. While focusing on garden and patio areas, you can change the whole look of your house every year at minimal costs and using recyclable material at home. So, we are going to help you walk through some of the do-it-yourself projects to have a perfect outlook of the garden space—something you never would have imagined before.

Read closely and enjoy implementing these designs to your garden because we know you are as excited about it as we are.

Dress Up The Stairways To The Garden

You need to be calculative for the way you allow the entrance to your garden. People should feel like the garden is calling them in for a whole new experience. The surrounding of the steps should be green with bush and flowers. 

Clean the staircase regularly, and if you got more than 10 steps in its wake, it’s always advisable to have a landing constructed after every 4-5th step. It makes the journey all the more interesting and enticing—too surreal to be real.

Choose A Theme Color For Your Garden

Design your garden area in colors that are either matching or are in contrast with each other. This might be applied to the perennial plants or your favorite patio awning for all weather conditions.

In short, a color scheme looks better from afar and grabs much more attention that’s desired from the onlookers or house guests. On the other hand, choosing too many colors from the available palette can be distracting and off-setting.

Select Favorite Plants That Require Minimal Maintenance Through The Year

Small green shrubs, cone-flowers, Sedum, and Siberian Iris are one of the plants and flowers that work finely around the year to pamper the look of your garden and its overall design. For example, the Siberian Iris comes in different shades of white, blue, lavender, etcetera. Starting from early spring to late autumn, you can have these flowers bring a glow to your garden space. The Sedum bush is kind of romantic and fully suitable for your leisure time outside. It brings more enjoy when you want to enjoy family time or a late evening dinner date near your patio.

Choose The Attractive As Well As Comfortable Furniture

Get the best lounge chairs which are in contrast with flowers in the garden. The majority of the times, white and teal lounge chairs are best for amplifying the greenery around the lawn or garden.


Finally, Your garden can have the perfect design as per your needs and requirements. You just have to be aware of the contrast to fit, plants to nurture and the furniture to align. 

Choosing a tree consultant is something that you should not take for granted. Any tree work done poorly can endanger both the tree itself and the individual doing the job. When seeking for advice and support, it is imperative to take the tips below into paramount consideration during your selection process to ensure that you’ll get the best tree care services.

Ensure that they are licensed and insured.

Some states would require registration or licenses for tree consultants. You should always contact your local agencies to know if specific credentials are required for them to operate or perform their duties. Another advantage is getting a tree consultant that has a professional indemnity and public liability insurance cover to avoid any financial burden should any mishap happen.

Check their background.

Find a tree care company or individual that has a proven track record of ethical and professional work practices. Be minded that the person or firm you are hiring will be responsible for the preventive care of your trees. Make decisions carefully as you would for your healthcare. Here are samples of references you can ask or look to see their history and prove that they have enough experience to get the job done:

  • Client Recommendation
  • Testimonial from reliable sources
  • Information from review websites
  • Pieces of evidence of previous works from the company or individual

Have estimates from different tree consultants.

Get free quotes from several tree consultants of the entire service that you will require. From there, you can determine which are reasonably priced and which has the best offer for the scope of work, skill level, and professionalism. See to it to thoroughly weigh them and get the best deal for your tree care needs.

Avoid tree consultants that would do practices that can harm trees.

Knowledgeable tree consultants do not recommend excessive pruning. This action can cause drastic changes to the tree and be hazardous. A credible tree consultant would suggest a lot of other options to address any given situation. Also, never allow their tree worker to use tree climbing spurs or spikes. These tools leave wounds to the trees opening up risks for diseases and insect infestation, harming and eventually killing the tree.

Whenever you are seeking for tree preservation, tree inspection or other tree care services, it is imperative to look for certified and well-experienced tree consultant. Make sure that they will provide you the best deal for your money in taking care of the welfare of your trees.


Many homeowners spend a lot of their budget on doing up and maintaining the inside of the house. It is important to remember that the outside of the home deserves equal consideration as well and it is the first thing that people see when they come to visit your home. A prospective buyer will be impressed with your home, if the external parts of the house look great and it will encourage them to want to have a closer look inside. More and more homes now are getting their homes landscaped and creating a garden area that is to die for.

There are many things that you can do to your garden to make it stand out and here are some suggestions to do just that.

  1. You could put down a new lawn, which you could get from your local turf supplier in Lichfield. Nothing looks better than a newly laid out lawn and with daily watering, it will look even better.
  2. Adding a patio area to the home is a very popular thing to do in the UK. It gives you an area to entertain guests and the barbeque can be fired up to create some great outdoor food.
  3. A pond is a great way to get nature into your garden. Frogs, birds, insects and birds will set up home there and you will have your very own Eco environment to enjoy.

There are only a few of the things that you can do to make your home more appealing and more relaxing for you and your family.












Carpeting your lawn area with fake grass can be seen as an end to your many maintenance woes. No wonder, majority of people are shifting to this amazing and hassle-free alternative.

Also, grass-covered lawns require regular watering for proper upkeep, hence when you make a shift towards the fake greens; you are helping the environment too by making a big save on water consumption.

Let us have a closer look at the benefits that you are set to gain by simply choosing to go with the artificial grass for your lawn.

  • No need to mow: Fake grass remains as such in size. Hence, where is the requirement to mow? This means that you have one chore off your list and extra time which you may utilise by having great family time in the safe havens of the immaculately well-kept artificial lawns.
  • Safe for kids and pets: When you grow the real grass and plants, they need to be regularly sprayed with chemical-based pesticides, fertilisers and weed killers. Small kids and pets because of their inquisitive nature are more than likely to come in direct contact with these dangerous elements through the air, touch or accidental consumption. To be safe, many commercial establishments and play zones have started carpeting their lawns with fake grass now.
  • No need to water regularly: Unlike the real lawns the absence of live grass in your lawn means that you do not need to water regularly a lawn with fake grass. Though, it might be required occasionally, when you want to clean the dust and dirt from your fake grass carpeting. Fewer water needs will eventually translate into the considerable reduction in the monthly billing too.
  • Easy to maintain: Fake grass doesn’t grow, neither does it accumulate large volumes of dirt, yet, there is a minimal maintenance requirement which needs to be honoured. For example, the dead leaves from your garden trees and shrubs that may fall on the lawn carpeting might require occasional clean-up. You can use a leaf blower or probably a broom to easily get rid of these. For dirt and debris on the grass specks, few rounds of water jetting are all that you require to clear the residual matter quite easily.
  • Highly durable: Once the artificial grass carpeting is duly done, you can thankfully forget about the usual wear and tear for at least a few years in a row.

Because of high durability factor, a good quality artificial grass can easily withstand the test of time, showing no signs of damage, whatsoever for quite a long time.

These are UV resistant too hence, no fading issues due to constant sun exposure.

With so many advantages at its behest, fake grass carpeting is the viable solution towards attaining a hassle free and well-maintained garden.

Landscaping done right can transform a piece of property. The beauty that comes from a well-designed piece of land has several benefits that involve more than the property owner. There are many different options when it comes to one’s property being transformed and starting with the land is not a bad idea.

There are variations and the designs of commercial and residential property. A person may want to transform his or her yard to make it look better for those interested in acquiring the property or maybe they simply want to make the land more functional. Residential and commercial landscaping will both aim to bring beauty in their distinct styles.

Commercial Versus Residential Landscaping Concepts

Business to business relationships is much like business to consumer relations in the sense that good communication and positive interaction is needed for both parties to work together. The way commercial landscape work is different from residential is through the different motives and behaviors shaping the service. A business may own the property they operate out of, but more than likely they lease the property and have to deal with a property manager. Just because a business owner may want a bush trimmed a certain way or a bed of flowers planted in an area doesn’t mean he or she can then immediately hire a landscaping expert. They have to talk to the property manager first. This relationship between the business owner and manager can get testy at times.

Property managers are working with a budget much like most people are. This budget isn’t always going to account for a lot of extra money allocated to landscaping. This can present an issue for business owners as they want their location to be presentable to potential clients.

Residential and commercial landscaping both have consequences from the result of the work, yet a commercial property can face serious consequences if it isn’t inviting. Property managers will want their property to be desirable for businesses to rent. Overall appearance matters to consumers. They won’t frequent a lot with overgrown brush and grass that make it look like the business is lazy and not motivated. People want to feel comfortable when visiting a commercial property.

The Competition

Another way residential differs from commercial is through competition. Nobody has unlimited funds, but commercial properties are far more likely to find themselves bidding against competition than residential properties. Winning a client at a responsible price is one thing for a property manager but retaining them is another.

The competition is less severe when it comes to finding landscaping needs for residential property.

A person certainly can compare prices and services available to them in their area, but the competition involving the work is much less intense. Pricing is going to be different when a landscaping company works on a commercial property versus a residential one.

These prices are written in a contract.

Contracts are very important when it comes to a landscaping business working on a commercial property. Property managers will demand this and for good reason. The nature of finding good business at a quality price is difficult and they will want to have a contract that states specifically when and for what length services will be provided. Things are less strict when it comes to residential property. There doesn’t have to specifically be a contract in writing when it comes to a person hiring a landscape professional for their residential needs. They can simply call the company up, say they want their lawn mowed on this day and go from there. It’s far less restrictive.

More and more people are starting to work from home, but moving your job from an office block to a residential setting can be tricky. There are many things that can distract you when working at home – kids wanting attention or your pets looking to play. Instead of moving your office into your house, why not consider constructing a custom designed garden room. You’ll find some of the best bespoke garden buildings in Chester, these structures can be created for all kinds of purposes, such as:

  • Extra storage space
  • Office
  • Small gym
  • Kids playroom
  • Meditation zone

By building a garden office, you get away from the many distractions posed in your home. You can retreat to a bespoke structure in your garden and get some much-needed quiet time to work and complete important projects.

Here are just some of the many benefits of installing a garden office on your property.

No Planning Permission

You can fit a cosy, fully functional garden office in your home in a matter of days. There is no need to apply for planning permission when you build a garden office. This makes it an ideal way to increase your living space in the quickest possible time.

Bespoke Options

As mentioned above, garden buildings can be made to order, giving you the chance to customise your own unique design. You can have a practical, comfortable office in your back garden with access to running water, electricity and heated flooring if you desire.








It wasn’t that long ago when the only exterior building you would see in a British garden would be traditional shed, where all the gardening implements are stored. Fast forward a few years, and you can see bespoke pine log cabins and summer houses that can be utilised in many ways.

  • Designed Around your Needs – You might be looking for some office space from which to run your business empire, or perhaps some overnight accommodation for guests, and with tailored solutions, you can have the space designed around your needs.
  • Traditional Outdoor Storage – If you look at Hampshire garden sheds, you will see a wide variety of designs and sizes, which provide all the storage room you need for both gardening tools and outdoor furniture.
  • Made to Measure Greenhouse – This is the ideal place to keep your tropical plants over the winter months, and with a state-of-the-art greenhouse, there’s no reasons why you can’t supply the whole family with organic vegetables.
  • Your Very Own Man Cave – If you a hobby that you are passionate about, you don’t need to inconvenience the family by taking over the spare room, as you can purchase a garden building that is fully equipped to allow you to spend hours working on your projects.
  • Summer House – Excellent for the kids, a summer house can be designed to provide you and your family with a quiet and relaxing spot where you can enjoy the British summer. There are online suppliers of bespoke garden buildings who would have a perfect design, and they would even install the building for you.

By providing a tailored garden building, you can increase your living space in a cost-effective way, and whatever your needs, the supplier can help find the perfect design.







We don’t normally bother with exterior maintenance in the winter months, but come the beginning of March, it is time to think about tidying up the exterior, particularly the front elevation. If you are planning to brighten up the front of your home, here are a few tips to ensure a smooth transition.

Rent a Power Wash Machine

These amazing appliances fire a high pressure jet of water, which will clean the following:

  • Driveway and Paths
  • Patio
  • Walls and perhaps the roof
  • Fencing

You may already own a power wash, but if not, rent one for the entire weekend, as they can clean just about anything, especially stone terraces and driveways.

If your fencing leaves a lot to be desired, there are affordable fencing services in West Lothian who will be happy to show you what they can do. You could install composite fencing, and with faux timber finishes, you won’t lose that rustic charm.

Trimming the Hedges

This is a simple enough task, and you might want to prune the trees, giving them optimum growing in the coming season. If you don’t have a stepladder, or haven’t the time, your local garden maintenance company would be happy to add you to their regular rounds, popping round once or twice a month to ensure the garden is tidy.

Tending the Flower Beds

Remove all the weeds and add some compost or topsoil, which can be obtained from your nearest garden centre, and you might want to consider buying a few plants and shrubs, as now is a good time to plant.






Trees are an essential aspect in the ecosystem, and they play a significant role in our everyday lives, from providing shade, oxygen, generating fruits, and even adding a touch of greenery. While growing a tree can be easy, the maintenance of it is an issue and there are certain things to take note of: decaying branches which could fall off and hurt people, proper pruning to ensure a tidy appearance, checking for infestations, etc.

Why hire a tree surgeon?

A tree surgeon is someone who is qualified and trained in the cultivation, management and study of trees. While you may be thinking of doing the maintenance, pruning, and cutting of the trees by yourself, it is not advisable as you could

  • damage the tree
  • hurt yourself, or even
  • cause property damages and loss of lives in the surrounding area.

Instead, approaching a company that provides reliable commercial tree surgery in Guildford will ensure that everything is well-taken care of, without the need to worry about what might happen.

When searching for a tree surgeon, ensure that they have employees with all the proper certification and equipment in place. A reputable provider will always ensure that their workers are skilled enough to handle any jobs through continuous training. If you are hiring them to do some work on your tree, always ensure that they provide public liability insurance in order to compensate for any damages to the surrounding properties (if any). This is an important aspect, as you could be fully liable for all damages if no insurance coverage is present.

Is your garden looking worn and tired after the long, cold months of winter? Bad weather can take its toll on your plants, furniture and landscaping but don’t despair because there is hope in sight. Here are 5 top tips to help you spruce up your yard ready for spring.

  1. Deweeding

Chances are you haven’t got around to weeding out the weeds during wintertime, so this task should be first on your agenda when spring arrives. Get a trowel and get to work!

  1. Hose Blasting 

If you don’t own a blaster, it is well worth hiring one. You’ll be shocked at how effective they truly are at lifting up stubborn dirt – your brickwork and paving will look good as new!

  1. Landscaping

If you’re serious about getting your garden summer-ready, then it’s time to call in the experts. By hiring experienced landscaping services in Gosport, you can rethink your yards entire look and have all your neighbours green with envy.

  1. Furniture 

You didn’t varnish and weather protect all your furniture and you left it outside all winter? That was silly, wasn’t it. If there’s no salvaging your time worn pieces, then it’s time to replace. And don’t forget to protect them this time.

  1. Repainting and Replanting 

There’s nothing like a fresh lick of paint or a beautiful new flower bed to brighten your backyard.

If the state of your garden fills you with dread, just try one of the above steps – you’ll feel much better afterwards!