Top 5 Advantages Of Using Fake Grass For Your Lawn


Carpeting your lawn area with fake grass can be seen as an end to your many maintenance woes. No wonder, majority of people are shifting to this amazing and hassle-free alternative.

Also, grass-covered lawns require regular watering for proper upkeep, hence when you make a shift towards the fake greens; you are helping the environment too by making a big save on water consumption.

Let us have a closer look at the benefits that you are set to gain by simply choosing to go with the artificial grass for your lawn.

  • No need to mow: Fake grass remains as such in size. Hence, where is the requirement to mow? This means that you have one chore off your list and extra time which you may utilise by having great family time in the safe havens of the immaculately well-kept artificial lawns.
  • Safe for kids and pets: When you grow the real grass and plants, they need to be regularly sprayed with chemical-based pesticides, fertilisers and weed killers. Small kids and pets because of their inquisitive nature are more than likely to come in direct contact with these dangerous elements through the air, touch or accidental consumption. To be safe, many commercial establishments and play zones have started carpeting their lawns with fake grass now.
  • No need to water regularly: Unlike the real lawns the absence of live grass in your lawn means that you do not need to water regularly a lawn with fake grass. Though, it might be required occasionally, when you want to clean the dust and dirt from your fake grass carpeting. Fewer water needs will eventually translate into the considerable reduction in the monthly billing too.
  • Easy to maintain: Fake grass doesn’t grow, neither does it accumulate large volumes of dirt, yet, there is a minimal maintenance requirement which needs to be honoured. For example, the dead leaves from your garden trees and shrubs that may fall on the lawn carpeting might require occasional clean-up. You can use a leaf blower or probably a broom to easily get rid of these. For dirt and debris on the grass specks, few rounds of water jetting are all that you require to clear the residual matter quite easily.
  • Highly durable: Once the artificial grass carpeting is duly done, you can thankfully forget about the usual wear and tear for at least a few years in a row.

Because of high durability factor, a good quality artificial grass can easily withstand the test of time, showing no signs of damage, whatsoever for quite a long time.

These are UV resistant too hence, no fading issues due to constant sun exposure.

With so many advantages at its behest, fake grass carpeting is the viable solution towards attaining a hassle free and well-maintained garden.

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