Tips in Improving Your Garden Layout with Stone Sculptures


If you are someone who spends more time outside and might be happy with the overall design of your yard or garden, then you may think about adding additional visual accents like stone statues or sculptures? Adding a good piece of art of the yard could help provide a distinctive focal point, as well as finishing touches to a beautiful and cohesive designed landscape, whether these are subtle enhancements or dramatic showpieces.

With concrete or stone sculptures or statues, the possibilities are limitless when it comes to cost, style, size, and material choices like marble, stone, and concrete. If homeowners are not sure where to start, these simple guidelines from experts should help encourage them to take the dip and have fun finding that perfect statue or sculpture for their yard.


People need to think of their garden or yard as an extension of their homes with distinct outdoor rooms. If the person loves contemporary or modern crafts and arts with furniture, as well as art that reflects these qualities, then people should apply the same aesthetics to sculptures they place in their yard. Experts suggest homeowners take a closer look at the color schemes first, as well as the scale and variety of the outdoor space.

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Is the garden a formal one with straight lines? Is it a close and intimate room or an ample outdoor space? People need to ask themselves what type of statue would be an excellent addition to the overall style of the house or the garden. The more things people bring from the inside to continue the theme of outdoor rooms, the more successful that space will be.

Location is very important

If individuals bought an excellent piece of art for their house, they would want to give it a prominent placement, as well as not tuck it away in the corner of rooms. The same concept applies to outdoor spaces. For instance, if a person has a long and narrow lawn that is pretty generic in appearance, adding a statue at the far end of the garden could result in a memorable and dramatic sightline.

On the other hand, if homeowners have a walled-in and small garden space, the addition of a statue could give it the needed focal point. Sometimes, simple approaches are the best. For example, landscape architects in Miller Garden designed an allée of honey locust trees situated along the west side of the garden. They put a sculpture at the north end, and it is beautiful with crushed stones around it. The trees will draw people’s eyes and creates a good view. It is the epitome of elegance, simplicity, and modernism.

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Sculpture selection

While there’s an extensive array of outdoor art readily available at garden centers, the most affordable and popular statues tend to be made from a kind of concrete, also known as a cultured stone. A mixture of iron oxide pigments, lightweight natural aggregates, cement, and cultured stone is pretty versatile.

It can be made to look like a natural stone or carved marble if homeowners desire. Sculptures and statues made of steel are also a good option since they weather quickly and develop a pleasing rusted-colored patina after a couple of years outside. Stone and marble statuary are timeless and classic in their beauty. They also pose a serious investment consideration for gardens if the property owners are on a tight budget.

Stainless steel statues are less common in gardens and residential yards but could be a good centerpiece for those with large estates. Regardless of what kind of statue homeowners end up getting, it needs to be a piece of art they truly want and love to enjoy in outdoor settings.


The main consideration in acquiring sculptures like river stone garden statues & ornaments for the year is safety. If people have kids who might be playing around it, they need to make sure that the statue is immovable and appropriately secured, especially if it weighs more than 200 pounds.

All ornaments need to be situated on a leveled ground. If the desired spot for the sculpture is not even, homeowners need to create a level and solid foundation for it. Property owners may even need to pour a solid concrete base for support. A lot of commercially sold statues come with mounting instructions.

If people have commissioned custom ones, artists need to be able to provide property owners with a base for it, as well as for instructions for supports. The homeowner’s main objective is to ensure the statue is appropriately secured and in no danger of leaning to one side or falling over.

Once these things are successfully installed in landscapes, people might consider adding visual enhancements to the place like red or base volcanic rocks, circular arrangements of seasonal flowers and succulents, or crushed gravels. Simple approaches will most probably yield the most efficient and effective outcomes and avoid distracting people’s eyes with too many focal points.


Outdoor statues should not require much maintenance and repair unless homeowners want them always to look polished and clean. If that is the case, people can purchase the right cleaner for their specific sculptures that do not mar or scratch the surface. But a lot of individuals prefer to let outdoor statues weather naturally. There is a different process at work here. It is supposed to change, and nature changes. People like the idea of choosing a stone or material that will develop patinas.

Experiment and have fun

The thought of adding some art to the landscape can be pretty intimidating to some property owners, but it could provide them an excellent deal of visual pleasure, as well as enjoyment every day. Experts’ advice to homeowners is just to experiment and have fun with concepts. The last thing individuals tend to do is add ornaments and statues to their yard. And Experts think homeowners need more of it since it can help sell the outdoor experience. Property just needs to do it; it is not the end of the world.

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