Commercial Versus Residential Landscaping: Differences in the Business


Landscaping done right can transform a piece of property. The beauty that comes from a well-designed piece of land has several benefits that involve more than the property owner. There are many different options when it comes to one’s property being transformed and starting with the land is not a bad idea.

There are variations and the designs of commercial and residential property. A person may want to transform his or her yard to make it look better for those interested in acquiring the property or maybe they simply want to make the land more functional. Residential and commercial landscaping will both aim to bring beauty in their distinct styles.

Commercial Versus Residential Landscaping Concepts

Business to business relationships is much like business to consumer relations in the sense that good communication and positive interaction is needed for both parties to work together. The way commercial landscape work is different from residential is through the different motives and behaviors shaping the service. A business may own the property they operate out of, but more than likely they lease the property and have to deal with a property manager. Just because a business owner may want a bush trimmed a certain way or a bed of flowers planted in an area doesn’t mean he or she can then immediately hire a landscaping expert. They have to talk to the property manager first. This relationship between the business owner and manager can get testy at times.

Property managers are working with a budget much like most people are. This budget isn’t always going to account for a lot of extra money allocated to landscaping. This can present an issue for business owners as they want their location to be presentable to potential clients.

Residential and commercial landscaping both have consequences from the result of the work, yet a commercial property can face serious consequences if it isn’t inviting. Property managers will want their property to be desirable for businesses to rent. Overall appearance matters to consumers. They won’t frequent a lot with overgrown brush and grass that make it look like the business is lazy and not motivated. People want to feel comfortable when visiting a commercial property.

The Competition

Another way residential differs from commercial is through competition. Nobody has unlimited funds, but commercial properties are far more likely to find themselves bidding against competition than residential properties. Winning a client at a responsible price is one thing for a property manager but retaining them is another.

The competition is less severe when it comes to finding landscaping needs for residential property.

A person certainly can compare prices and services available to them in their area, but the competition involving the work is much less intense. Pricing is going to be different when a landscaping company works on a commercial property versus a residential one.

These prices are written in a contract.

Contracts are very important when it comes to a landscaping business working on a commercial property. Property managers will demand this and for good reason. The nature of finding good business at a quality price is difficult and they will want to have a contract that states specifically when and for what length services will be provided. Things are less strict when it comes to residential property. There doesn’t have to specifically be a contract in writing when it comes to a person hiring a landscape professional for their residential needs. They can simply call the company up, say they want their lawn mowed on this day and go from there. It’s far less restrictive.

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