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3 Important Ways You Can Preserve Your Artwork at Self-Storage


Whether you are an owner of the gallery with lots of artwork to show or you are just a collector of the pieces, proper preservation, and maintenance of the artwork is the key that will help you to keep your work in good condition for several years to come.

As you want to store your gallery pieces or want to décor your room, you must take the help of a self-storage unit for items that you do not require currently. If you want to preserve the quality of the artwork for a long time, keep on reading the blog below to gather some information about the ways by which you can do so-

  1. Keep Them Well Packaged and Protected

As like any other item that you want to store, the first step that you must consider is the cleanliness and gives the item a dust. It will help in removing the surface dust particles, and the piece will get ready for further packaging. If any debris remains on the surface of the artwork, it will affect the packaging and will damage the work. The next thing that comes in mind is the packaging. Protect the edges of the artwork with the cardboard. You can also use the acid-free paper to be placed on both sides of the artwork. For further protection, you can layer both sides of the piece with the acid-free paper as it generally helps in protecting your important documents and artwork for a longer time. Whether, you are keeping your items in the storage units in Pasadena, or anywhere else; you must package the item in the right way first.

  1. Choose the Climate-Controlled Storage Units

The next important step involves choosing the storage unit that is climatic-controlled. Artwork generally requires a specific temperature and humidity level to be maintained and have great preservation. The art requires almost 50% of humidity level and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. But these factors might vary as per the type of art and the specific requirements. You can make a list of various artworks that you want to keep in the storage units before you are putting it finally. You can also discuss with your facility manager about the climate-controlled facilities for the storage. You should always choose the unit that is climate-controlled when you are keeping the artwork.

  1. Store It Straight and Make Space

Once you safely placed the item in the storage unit, you should pay attention to the way it is placed on the floor. While you are storing the artwork, you can keep it with others but make sure that you are not harming it. While placing, keep in mind to store it upright for avoiding stepping or falling off the item. Do not place various artwork pieces together side by side. Make place between all of them.

These are some of the important ways by which you can store your artwork in the right manner. You must be very careful to choose the storage unit before keeping your items.

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