What sort of cleaning equipment does a janitor needs


Whether you attend a school, stay late in an office building or other public building you’ll find one person in common—janitors. They are entitled with the job to keep the building clean, often times dealing with messier clean up’s such as a child throwing up, a spill or broken glass on the floor and the list goes on.

Some may not completely comprehend what goes in to the line of clean up when it comes to janitorial services. After all, they are a bit of a jack of all trades when it comes to their job, but we’re going to take the time out and discuss what does go in to those messy jobs and what comes along with being a janitor, including all that cleaning equipment we so frequently see them having to lug around from time to time.

What equipment is required?

  • Mops
  • Brooms often times with a built in dust pan
  • Cones to steer people away from spills needing to be cleaned up
  • Vacuum
  • Carpet cleaners
  • Floor waxing machine
  • Trash bags
  • Dusting and disinfectant chemicals

And depending on what type of place he is cleaning this also may mean that he is forced to have certain items to restock an office or room with. This could be something as simple as a box of tissues, or in the case where janitors are also a form of house-keeping, this may also mean that he brings fresh sheets, toiletries and so forth. Janitor is a bit of a narrow description as they also carry other titles depending on the field of work they’re in. This may include

  • Industrial cleaners
  • Lab equipment cleaners
  • Window cleaners
  • And Chimney Sweeps.

How come we don’t see them during the day so much as the night?

Well if you happen to have kids, you’ll understand this a bit better. Tiddox cleaning equipment said as an example – have you ever tried to clean the house when you’ve got two young one’s running through and dirtying everything behind you?

Same thing applies in the janitorial service. While they do work hard to keep things fairly tidy during the day light hours, they are more of a night service after a business has either closed down for the night or during a time with least foot traffic.

Their job requires so much work that it’s simply easier to get it done without having to repeat the job again and again when people aren’t around to re-dirty and mess it up. Naturally, that time happens to be night hours and they can not only get things done faster without having to repeat the process, but they can also cover more ground. For a janitor to keep having to go back and clean one particular spot over and over again, this means that other areas of the building are going to be left behind or get neglected. If the business is closed, the entire place can be cleaned and won’t have to be touched again until the next day.

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