What Roofing Material Choices Do I Have for a New Build?


If you are in the enviable position of designing and building your dream home, you will no doubt give the roof some serious thought. There are a few roofing materials you can use when building a house, and with that in mind, here is a brief description of the popular roofing choices today.

  • Slate Roofing – Many builders would say that slate is the best roofing material, mainly due to its long life and fire resistant properties, and despite the emergence of composite materials, you only have to look at roofs to see that slate is still a very popular choice. Not the cheapest of solutions, but a slate roof will last for decades if properly maintained.
  • Traditional Roof Shingles – Another very popular roofing choice, shingles offer a durable and long-lasting roof covering, and is slightly less expensive that slate, but still looks impressive on a new build.
  • UPVC Roofing – UPVC roofing is completely waterproof and with a seamless construction, will provide more than adequate protection. Talk to experienced roofing services in Godalming about the type of roofing that is best suited to your build and they would be happy to quote for the project.

Cost should never be the deciding factor when building a roof, as quality is not something you can afford to sacrifice, especially with the harsh UK climate, and whatever material you choose, the roof should be constructed by a qualified roofing contractor. Any reputable roofing company would issue a 15-20 year warranty on any roof they install, which gives you some peace of mind.