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3 Reasons to Invest in a Slate Roof


Slate has been covering our roofs for hundreds of years, and despite the emergence of composite materials, slate roofing is still the most popular in the UK. Yes, it is expensive when compared to other forms of roofing, but you can expect to get 50 years out of such a roof, and in the end, it will have turned out to be a very wise investment. Here are just a few reasons why slate is the number one roofing material.

  1. Style and Elegance – Slate roofing has a unique charm of its own, and with lead flashing and stainless steel guttering, you can create a major feature. If you want to see some excellent examples of what can be done, look at the slate roofing in Harrogate, where there are many properties with slate roofing.
  2. An Investment – A few decades from now, you will be very happy you choose slate for your roof, and with great insulating properties, your energy bills will be lower. There are buildings over a century old that have slate roofs, which is a reflection of the durability of slate.
  3. Low Maintenance – Once a slate roof has been installed by professionals, there’s little that can go wrong; the odd tile might get lifted in high winds, but that’s about the extent of slate roof maintenance.

There are roofers who specialise in designing and building slate roofs, and most would give you a 25-year warranty, which is a reflection of the quality that slate offers the homeowner.

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