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As a construction equipment supplier for construction companies in and around the Melbourne area and places close to Melbourne we have come to understand the needs of construction outfits. Over the years we have managed to forge partnerships with construction companies both large and small and our track record will give you a better perspective on just how successful we have been at delivering success to our partners. A significant number of construction companies collaborate with Scoop Hire due to our strategic business alignment that help construction companies to adapt to the current economic environment that has also been impacted by COVID – 19. The ‘revenue destabilisation’ felt by construction companies are real and this has caused many to shut down and many others looking for alternatives among which Scoop Hire is. Our services include rentals which are critical to smaller and medium sized construction units that are low on capital. Construction companies are able to rent equipment such as mini or compact excavators, standard excavators, mini-dumpers and a host of other construction equipment at minimal cost. This strategic approach allows construction units, especially independent units to stay afloat through tough times.

This approach is in a fact the most ideal business strategy proven to be effective towards maintaining lower costs for projects. Investments in expensive construction equipment in current market conditions is hardly justifiable given the fact that it would impact cash flow greatly and every project manager knows that cash flow must be maintained at healthy levels for construction outfits to survive and manage projects effectively. This scenario is particularly true for construction companies that deal with smaller construction projects which include landscaping, home improvement projects and regular cable and trenching activities. These projects could be rendered as non-capital intensive projects if equipment needed is obtained through hires. The range of rental equipment available coupled with distinctive services by Scoop Hire such as delivery and pick-up for mini excavator hire in Melbourne. Some of the more attractive offers currently available include the Kubota 0.8 T mini excavator right up to the standard and popular Kubota 3.5 T that are available for hires from as little as $200. With options for daily rates and weekly rates, the flexibility is critical towards the success of your business. Apart from a wide variety of excavators we also offer a range of attachments such as jackhammer suits, drills and others attached to delivery and pickup services to project sites on demand which greatly improves logistic management. Visit our website to get a clear and present perspective on what Scoop Hire is able to do for your construction site. We have a team of professionals ready at all times to provide you with not just equipment, but also consultancy in the event that your project runs into a tight spot. Rest assured that with Scoop Hire as your business partner, your project is destined by default to meet the objectives you set out at the genesis of the project.

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