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Maintaining your refrigerator in top condition


People don’t pay attention to the maintenance and cleaning of their refrigerator. Once they get it, they would simply plug the appliance in and start using it, without paying heed to what must be done so that they can have it up and functioning for long. It is why you often have to call for the refrigerator repair and pay for the costly repairs.

Just take some time in cleaning and maintaining the appliance and you will be good to keep it functioning without any flaws for a long time. Here, we will discuss how you have to clean and maintain your refrigerators.

Clean condenser coils

Start by cleaning the condenser coils. They are responsible for eliminating the heat that resides in freezers and refrigerators. The large coils, much like a radiator, are present generally on either of the two locations, the back of your fridge or underneath it. With the passage of time, the dust and dirt is added to them which makes them inefficient and hinders their working. So, the energy consumption increases while the working efficiency decreases. Clean the coils with the help of a bristle brush and a vacuum.

Clean or replace gasket

The gasket, which most of you know as the rubber seal along the doors of the fridge, plays a critical role in its functioning. It seals out warm air and assures that the temperature within the appliance is appropriate. The gasket for almost all the ovens will wear off with time and as it gets deformed, it will lose its position. Therefore, the appliance will no longer be sealed and there will be problems with its working. So, you need to either get the gasket repaired or have it changed every few years because it would weaken and loosen after being in use for a while.


Defrost is a process which is necessary, especially if you have more than one half inch frost on the inside walls of your freezer. It is a process which would take some time and you will have to remove the items from your fridge and turn it off. Once you switch off the appliance, the defrosting process will start and you will see it melting. There are certain appliances that have an automatic self-defrosting system too. So, make sure that you check out for it in your appliance manual.

Cleaning and deodorizing

Use a cloth and damp it with warm water to wipe down and clean the interior of your fridge. Crumbs and spills are likely to be there so use an all-purpose cleaner and get the job done. Deodorize it by using the deodorizers and assure that you put stuff in air-tight containers.

Check out your appliance manual before cleaning it and if there are problems with its functioning you should not hesitate in contacting for refrigerator repair service.

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