Things to know what buying wicker furniture


Many individuals look forward to purchasing wicker furniture. However, only a few know about the details of a wicker set and how they have to choose the right one. There are numerous choices available in the market and each of them is provided at a different price point. So, it is important to know about things you should consider when purchasing the furniture made up of wicker. Here, we will discuss a few notable points that you must keep in mind when buying it.


Start by looking at the frame and it is likely that you will find aluminum because it won’t rust. The oxidization occurs with the passage of time but this, by no means, suggest that the strength of the material is compromised. Moreover, it is lightweight and has a decent durability. Just make sure that the aluminum is not too thin with a minimal measurement of 1.2 on the gauge. Add powder coating which is an environment friendly process and helps you in assuring that the frame won’t rust or color won’t fade over time.


Next up you have the weaving process. It is according to your own preference. Usually, you have flat, narrow round, or even half round weave. The rattan furniture is a preferred choice for wicker because it is lightest and taken as standard in the industry. Also, you have different colors and a range of texture available at your disposal.


Cushioning is important for your comfort and you have the regular form sponge and sandwich foam as preferred choices in the market. The former keeps cost down and suitable for occasional use while the latter is made with darcon and ideal for long and tough use.


The fabric matters for cushioning and polyester is the most common choice available. It is affordable and available in numerous colors and patterns. However, it may fade with sunlight falling on it. But you do have acrylic fabrics which will withstand weather and tough use. For outdoors, sunbrella is widely used because of its resistance to water, fading, mold, mildew, and stain.

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