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Electrical Outlet Not Working? Here’s What to Do


You’d be surprised to know that you can assess an outlet that doesn’t seem to be functioning by yourself, you don’t need assistance from an electrician. If your outlet doesn’t seem to be charging your phone, don’t immediately assume it is broken and you need an electrician. If the problem is serious and you need an electrical installation in Mexborough, you can call a professional. But before you do, try some of these easy tips.

Try Another Device

Many of us jump to conclusions when something doesn’t work, “the outlet won’t charge my phone which means it is broken”. This isn’t always the case; your phone charger or phone may be the problem and not the outlet. Try another device like a hairdryer or lamp to see if they work.

Loose Wiring

If you’ve checked the breaker and you cannot see a problem, loose wiring may be at fault. You can remove the outlet with a screwdriver and take a look at the wiring behind. If you aren’t comfortable doing this, you should call an electrical expert for the job. If you intend to do it yourself, always remember to switch off the breaker to cut all electricity to your home.

Professional Help

If you need a good electrician, look for these qualities when hiring:

  • Great Reputation
  • Experience
  • Competitive Rates
  • Highly Trained Staff

If you’ve checked the breaker and you can’t seem to find any fault with the outlet, your electrical system will need further investigation best left to the skills of a professional.

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