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A Party Ready Kitchen – 4 Décor Tips for a Kitchen to Host House Parties


In a modern American house, planning a house party is a regular thing. Maybe your friends are coming over to celebrate your new job. Or maybe your whole family is planning a gathering because your sweet old grandparents are having their golden jubilee wedding anniversary. There is no dearth of occasions when you actually want to spend some memorable moments with your family and loved ones. However, in reality, when you are planning such an occasion or a gathering or a house party, often space becomes an issue. Why? Well, mostly because when we plan the interior of our kitchen, we hardly think of the parties that can suddenly take place at our homes.

So, if you are designing your new kitchen or renovating the old one, you can think of getting the best of it by creating a party ready kitchen. Are you about to rush to a store to get your hands on the stylish and functional discount cabinets? Then just take a pause. Before rushing out, take a look at the following points to know more and get inspired.

Generous Amount of Countertop

When you are planning to have a party at home, what is the most important thing that you need to consider before anything? Well, obviously food. Now, when you are preparing a delectable buffet for the guests, you surely want to go for a great display of it too. After all, displaying food is an art and you want to take pride in it. That is why think of adding a generous amount of countertop in the kitchen design. A simple “I” or “L” shaped kitchen counter can offer you this much of space quite easily.

Handy Storage with Cabinets

When there is a party happening at home, there will be a lot of requirements that will happen suddenly. You might have to take out another set of glasses from the cabinets suddenly as more and more guests will pour in. Maybe your guests will be looking for a bottle opener or corkscrew before making a toast. Maybe you are looking for the fresh new paper-napkins as the bunch you have placed on the table is already exhausted. For all these requirements and storing all these items, you need to have handy functional storage in the kitchen. Install RTA kitchen Cabinets that will offer you not only an ample amount of space in the kitchen but will also add up to the style quotient of the space.

Stunning Thematic Kitchen Plan

When you are planning the interior of the kitchen, you cannot just throw in different items and hope to make it work. After all, for a party-ready kitchen, it is necessary that you think of making the kitchen look stunning so that it not only becomes a perfect setting for a party but also your choice becomes the talking point for your peers. That is why instead of blindly going with the functionality, think of sticking by the thematic designing scheme. After all, you can compromise with neither the functionality nor the looks.

Light It Up

A party-ready kitchen is never complete without some stellar light setting. In fact, it is the lights that will set the mood for your party. So, this one part will call for some serious consideration on your end. That is why think of magnificent chandelier as the focal point of the kitchen. For task lights, think of something quirky light setting or retro finish of steampunk lights. If your kitchen is a modern one, under the cabinets lights can also glam up the space.

So, now as you know about how to make a kitchen party-ready for the long run, what are you waiting for? Order the countertop, cabinetry and lights you need and set the ball rolling.

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