DIY Painting vs. Hiring a Professional Painter


When painting your house, you can either do it by yourself or hire a qualified painter. The decision should be made after weighing up several factors. Sometimes the results may differ depending on whether you’ve ever painted before and the kind of paint you choose to use. The following questions are designed to help you decide whether to do it yourself or hire professional house painters in Hawthorn. Do You Need to Take Time Off Work to Paint?Your house is very important. However, you can’t sacrifice your career in order to paint your house. Professional painters will save you time that can be used to propel your career forward. A qualified painter will also take less time to paint a wall compared to a novice. They’ll be able to have the job done in a matter of hours instead of days. What Type of Paint Will Be Used?Different types of paint can workbetter in particular rooms. Some of the paints need to be applied by qualified professionals for them to look as expected. A skilled painter can help you choose the best paint for a particular room. For example, a kitchen looks best with a semi-gloss finish that’s easy to wipe clean. Do You Own Painting Tools?You must have the right tools on hand in order to paint your home. These tools can be expensive to purchase outright or hire. If you don’t have these tools, consider hiring the services of residential painters in Hawthorn. What State is the Structure In?Some houses are poorly ventilated, while others are skyscrapers. Remember, you must observe safety measures when applying paint. Paints can give off dangerous fumes that can expose you to respiratory related health risks. If a house is poorly ventilated, consult professional painters who have protective gear to perform the task. Also, don’t attempt to paint higher areas yourself. Skilled painters have access toladders to reach high areas without risk. Will You Be Too Exhausted to Clean Up?After painting, it’s guaranteed yourhouse will be messy. There will be painting tapes to be removed, brushes to be cleaned, and ladders to fold away, just to mention a few. If you opt for professional house painters in Hawthorn, you can sit back and relax while they clean your house after painting and leave it spotlessly clean. Can You Do All the Preparation Work?The walls might need preparation before painting work commences. If the walls haven’t been painted for a long time, they need to be scrubbed so that paint will adhere well. Also, if the walls have been repainted several times, the layers may need to be scraped off. Residential painters in Hawthorn will make sure the walls are completely smooth before painting begins to ensure the best finish. Do You Have DIY Insurance Cover?Something terrible could happen to you when using a ladder, but skilled painters have been trained on safety measures to reduce the occurrence of such accidents. They also have the necessary insurance required to file a claim in case of injury.