4 Things to Consider in Choosing Spiral Staircase Designs


Choosing the right design of a Spiral Staircases for your home can be tricky. Aside from the materials to be used, you need to consider the measurement of all the areas that are going to be affected by the staircase.

Keep in mind that a staircase is a permanent furnishing, so any errors in the measurement might cause inconvenience at home. Below are the things you need to consider before choosing the right staircase design for your house.

Distance Between Floors

First and foremost, you need to measure the gap between the lower and the upper floor. However, you need to measure it correctly. To get the proper measurement, you have to start measuring from the ground floor up to the second floor, minding the thickness of the floor.

Width of the Stairwell

Check the available space where you are going to install your spiral staircase. Consider the windows, doors, and other architectural construction. It would be a permanent problem once your staircase blocked the beautiful view from your window because you forgot checking some details.

Measurement of the Hole

You have to measure the hole of your staircase carefully. If you are going to have a round hole, make sure to measure the diameter, and for another form, measure the length of each side. The hole should be considered as too wide holes may cause accidents and too steep may cause inconvenience.

Trust the Staircase Experts

Nothing is better than trusting the best people to work on your staircase. If you want a safe and beautiful staircase to choose a well-known company and have been designing, creating, and installing Spiral Staircases for a long time.

enzie Spiral Staircases has been in the business since 1974. It has won several prestigious awards such as BHP Award for Consumer Products and Australian Design Award. It was a finalist for Prince Phillip Prize for Australian Design.

enzie offers four different designs:

  • Classic Series

enzie’s most cost-effective and most popular design. It features sculptured lines that made it classic. Its treads and balustrade have a lightweight open design, giving a minimal impact on the room.

  • This design offers a different closed riser design that comes along with the popular enclose aluminum wrap balustrade. It is a very substantial stair that doubles as a partition to a room.
  • Universal

This design offers different options with regards to finish and tread designs. Put your choice of material together in the tread, or put your tread inside an Australian hardwood. Coupled with your choice of balustrade type, it can create a custom design that can be as large as 2.4 meters.

  • Glass

The glass treads of this design allow the light to travel through the stair, providing an open and light design.

Choosing the best spiral staircase design for your home would be a lot easier if you seek the help of the professionals. Aside from the dramatic effect that it can provide to the room, you also have to consider the safety of those who are going to use it.