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The Importance of Regular Roof Maintenance


Ask any seasoned homeowners about roof repairs and he’ll tell you all about roof inspections, as this is the best way to minimise the risk of costly repairs. Your local roofer would be happy to carry out a thorough inspection, which would highlight any issues, and here are a few of the tasks that need to be carried out.

  • Cleaning out the Guttering – The guttering provides an escape channel for excess rain water, and should it become blocked, water will run down the external walls, which is not something you want. If you have overhanging branches, wet leaves and small braches will certainly clog things up, and with a regular roof inspection, your guttering will always be free from obstruction. If your guttering has seen better days, there is affordable gutter repair in Portsmouth from an established company who can regularly maintain your roof.
  • Missing Roof Tiles – In the event a few tiles are blown off during a heavy storm, this will provide a pathway for water to enter into the internal roof, and this will damage the rafters and joists. If a missing tile is not replaced, there is a risk of internal damage, and this might become evident when you notice damp stains on an upstairs ceiling.
  • Preventative Maintenance – By repairing the roof immediately, you are avoiding costly repairs, and an annual roof inspection will ensure that your roof is always in good order.

If you would like your roof checked over, an online search will lead you to a local roofer who would be happy to carry out an inspection and issue you with a detailed report.

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