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Why Choose Herringbone Flooring For Bedroom?


“Have you always wanted to design your perfect dream house?”

“Are you looking for a unique flooring pattern for your bedroom?”

“Do you want flooring which is attractive as well as long-lasting?

If yes, then you have probably found the right place with all these answers. With an unending variety of designs, making the right choice can be difficult. Different material options, flooring patterns, etc. have come up which can further confuse you. But to select the ideal flooring for your bedroom – you can surely go with herringbone flooring.

The history and use of herringbone designs can be traced down to many years ago. The touch of elegance and order that comes with these patterns add a fine appearance to your rooms. The biggest benefit is that along with their attractive look, this flooring is very durable and this makes it more desirable for your brand new bedroom or your house.

Scroll further to know why you will choose herringbone flooring, their origin and advantages.

What is herringbone flooring?

The herringbone pattern is a V-shaped distinct pattern which resembles the bone patterns of a fish herringbone. It is also similar to a broken zigzag appearance or a reverse chevron pattern.

The most interesting feature of this pattern is the aesthetics. The history and heritage associated with their use will add colors of sophistication to your bedroom. Not only are they suitable for houses, the herringbone flooring has been popularly used in many other domains of architecture. Several floor types have been replaced to pave way for the herringbone pattern. This is due to their classic touch and desirability.

This geometric design has thrived through the years in the best possible way and the look is such that it immediately attracts attention. The intricate detailing will only enhance the atmosphere of your bedroom. Another feature to look out for is the hint of nature in your bedroom – Since the herringbone floor design in itself is derived from natural outlines, the beauty of your bedroom just climbs many folds.

So traditions, beauty and style make the herringbone floorings a perfect choice. Let us now know more details which make them so popular for bedrooms!

What are the advantages of the herringbone floors?

In addition to the aesthetics, the complimenting and unique herringbone floor has many more advantages. Some of the many advantages are:

Long-life – a one-time investment

The quality and top-class sustainability of herringbone floors are striking. This brings years of longevity and your floors never lose their appeal. Many other types of floorings show wear -tear and damage leading to repeated repairing. The maintenance costs rise due to this. But with herringbone floors, it is a one-time investment. Even after years of usage, some refinement will make them as good as new!

Colors and quality – that stand out

The blended colors and contrasts of the flooring look beautiful. If this matches the walls and furniture, your bedroom gets a new shape. The solid quality wood used to make the floors outline them in your house. The gorgeous setting of the floors with a multidimensional wooden look – is the best fit for any bedroom. More importantly, if you are looking for a flawless design – herringbone is your solution.

Many options – for different needs

A major advantage of herringbone floorings is that they come with many options. These include some modifications and adaptations from the traditional looks. The most commonly used among these are:

Oak herringbone: Made using the wood obtained from oak trees, oak herringbone is one of its kinds. With a golden appearance, their authentic and natural structure is the best in class for floorings.

Black oak whalebone: Special techniques are used to submerge oak to get a black color. The color presents a different touch to the whole idea of herringbone floors. If you are someone with a love for black, this is the choice for you!

Twin herringbone: The wood used in this case is 100% authentic. Two layers are included in each floorboard which is why the name twin herringbone. They are surface treated at the place of manufacturing. This greatly reduces the cost and hassle of installments.

Herringbone flooring, with all advantages, are also more cost-effective.

Having made your flooring choice, you might now be worried about the delivery and installation. This is where the role of an experienced wood flooring company comes into the picture. Companies that provide quality material with continuous technical, installation, and restoration services are the ones to trust.

We hope you are all set to plan the installation of herringbone floorings in your bedroom.

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