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All You Need To Know About Colorbond Roof Repairs And Maintenance


Definitely, one of the most popular roofing styles in Sydney currently is the Colorbond roofing. The style is simple and cost effective which plays quite well with a range of home renovation budgets. Often architects suggest this style for homeowners that are looking to give a quick aesthetic makeover to their homes without the budget pressure. However, if you are not yet completely aware of the Colorbond roofing trend, here is a quick look at the style in all its glory.

What is Colorbond roofing?

This trend draws its name due to the main Colorbond steel sheets that are used for the process. These sheets are tested for durability for the Australian weather conditions. The sheets are available in a range of over 22 colours and can be matched to various home decor themes to create the perfect exterior look for your homes. The customization that is possible with the Colorbond roofing sheets is unmatched with many other roofing alternatives available in the market.

Special advantages of Colorbond Roofing

The Colorbond roofing trend is gaining momentum because it is backed with some distinctly special advantages.

As compared to tiled roofs, Colorbond or metal sheet roofs need much less maintenance. This is because metal sheets do not have rigid capping. While tiled roofs need regular maintenance of ridge capping at a period of 10-15 years, you can forego planning any such maintenance costs for Colorbond roofs.

If your home has a lower roof area pitch, you might not be able to choose tiles as a roofing option in the first place. Metal roofing, however, is available even low angle pitches as slight as 5-10 degrees. Although, you can also choose corrugated metal sheets instead of Colorbond metal sheets for such low pitches in some cases to allow for proper water runoff.

Quite clearly, Colorbond steel offers a range of colour choices for cosmetic customization for modern homes. However, it is advisable to only rely on professional roof repairs Newcastle Company for installations and maintenance of your Colorbond roofing for maximum impact.

One of the most common issues with tiled roofs is the buildup of water runoffs under loose tiles which leads to leaking roofs and mould or mildew infestations. The metal sheets do not allow for any roof cavity, which negates any occurrence of roof leaking in metal roofs from the very first installation.

Types of Colorbond Steel Sheets

Colorbond steel sheets are available in 3 main varieties of material choices as well.

  • Standard
  • Stainless
  • Ultra

Mostly the Standard steel sheets are commonly used for urban areas. The Stainless steel and Ultra steel Colorbond sheets are more popular for damp areas such as regions that get more rainfall or even the coastal areas.

Finally, the Colorbond roofing sheets have the most positive impact on the environment as compared to any other metal roofing option available in the market. Colorbond sheets are prepared with almost 95% recyclable core materials. The coatings on these sheets are specially treated to help reflect the heat. This makes the Colorbond roofs even effective in reducing the overall energy costs for the home.

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