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Stonemasonry has been around in England for hundreds of hours. There are so many beautiful old stone buildings throughout the country – especially in the capital and its surroundings. However, the art of stonemasonry is difficult to master and if you live in London you may have found it difficult to find a qualified company, but look no further than London Stonemasonry.

London Stonemasonry is a company that specializes in all things stone. Their team has 50 years of experience is filled with experts in different fields coming together to create the perfect balance. All projects are welcome and nothing is considered out of their scope. They have worked on various projects like Cathedrals, bridges, and both commercial and domestic buildings. This is the best company for any of your stonework projects in the London area.

London Stonemasonry Services

Depending on the type of work you’re looking for, you may find it difficult to find a company that can complete it all. Luckily, London Stonemasonry is experts and can complete all projects related to stonemasonry. Whether its restoration, repairs, or adaptations their craftsmanship will complete everything to your liking and looking as close to the original as possible. Some popular services include:

  • Commercial Façade Building Restoration in London is a common job for London Stonemasonry. No matter the size of the building, their team has experience restoring and transforming buildings into the centerpieces of the street. Their team has a comprehensive knowledge of the historical craftsmanship necessary to ensure that each house is repaired in a historically accurate manner.
  • Church restoration is another one of London Stonemasonry’s many skills. The many churches located throughout London often find themselves needing repair or refurbishment. The company can complete the entire project and has experience working with various Church of England and Catholic churches in the London area.
  • Residential brickwork restoration is very popular in London. Many residential houses are built with bricks and require regular restoration or repairs. Not only will your property improve visually but these restorations are important for the longevity and property value of your building. No matter the time period of your house, London Stonemasonry has experience working on all different properties in the area.
  • Adaptations to buildings can also be completed according to the customer’s specifications. Their team will work alongside you to ensure all adaptations are made to your liking. London Masonry’s adaptations are of the highest quality and will look as if part of the original building designs.
  • Full masonry repairs can be completed to any stonework in the London area. These include hand-carved stonework, letter-carving, decorations, walling, and brickwork.
  • Full-design services are available which will help you ensure that your project is completed perfectly. Here you can plan the materials to be used, any adaptations that you wish to make, and how repairs should be completed. No matter the project size, the design team will time your inquiries into consideration. Stonemasonry London is focused on making your customer experience as successful as possible.

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