Why Carpet is Still a Favourite with UK Homeowners


The one thing that carpet has, that none of the other flooring materials possess, is softness. Walking barefoot is a pleasure if you have a quality fitted carpet, and with such a wide range of styles, cuts and designs, it is hard to know which is best. Carpets can be categorised as “natural” or “synthetic”, with the latter being ideal for children, pets and high volumes of traffic, while a wool carpet has a look and a feel all of its own, yet requires more maintenance.

Explore the Range

A Google search will help you to find carpet suppliers in Mirfield, and by exploring the showroom and talking to expert salespeople, you can select a carpet that best meets your needs. There are many factors that determine the quality of a carpet, such as:

  • The Density – The number of fibres in one square metre.
  • The Cut – Long and short cuts for different textures and effects.
  • Natural or Synthetic – Polyester and nylon are a very popular choice, while a longer wool carpet oozes luxury.

Choosing the Right Colour

The carpet will be the one of the main base colours, perhaps a light shade of beige, or a pale blue, but it is about personal taste. Making sure not to clash with wall colours, choosing a lighter shade of carpet will make the room appear a little bigger, while a darker colour works in a large setting.

Be Practical

A nylon carpet has a lot to offer the family, and is largely resistant to kids and pets, and with a deep clean every year, the carpet will always be clean and fresh. Of course, you could always have a thick wool rug or two for the bedrooms to add that touch of luxury.