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The 3 ways That Your Builder Can Create More Space For You And Your Family.


When you first moved into your first home, you thought to yourself, yes, this will definitely be perfect for me and my partner and for the family that we hope to have. Let’s roll on 10 years later and you have 3 new additions to the family and you are quickly running out of space for everyone. The kids want their space, you want your space and something has to give. Thankfully, you can call upon your trusted local builder to help solve your problems.

There are a number of local builders in Hook who can create that extra space that you and your family need, but by utilising your current property. Here are some of the things that you might consider.

  1. That attic is not being used and it could be something so much better if you let your builder have a go at it. It can be converted into an extra bedroom. Put a dormer window in there and you are set.
  2. The garage that you never, ever park your car in is going to waste. This is a space that is ripe for a change and your builder can turn it into a granny flat in no time.
  3. If there is just no more room, then an extension built onto the current house is a great idea. You should be able to get planning permission and if your neighbours have no objections, then great!

There is more space in your home. You just need to have the imagination and the know-how that your builder already possesses.

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