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Ensuring your Renovation Project goes to Plan


It’s all very well having a construction or renovation project in mind, but you need to make sure the plans you have in place are sound and comply with all the local regulations. Building surveyors play a large part in this process and using their extensive experience and skills make sure your project is ready to hit the ground running when work commences.

The Role of a Building Surveyor

Building surveyors perform a number of functions as part of their wider roles and if you think you need one, you most probably do. Local building surveyors in Brighton, amongst other places, can usually carry out the functions detailed below as standard:

  • Complete Surveys – With the aid of lasers and computers, complete surveys measure all the dimensions of the existing building. These surveys can be utilised for building extensions for homes, offices and hotels.
  • Daylight Access – As with any building project, it is your responsibility to ensure you are not depriving your neighbours of any natural light. Your building surveyors can conduct a ‘rights of light survey’ to ensure you don’t fall foul of local authority legislation or upset the neighbours!
  • Elevations and Listed Buildings – Listed buildings are subject to additional planning permissions and must be approved by English Heritage before work can begin. Using remote laser technology, the building surveyors can provide accurate measurements of the heights and positions of other buildings in the vicinity.
  • Laser Scanning – Using lasers, your building surveyor can produce accurate 3D models of properties.

If you need more information, contact your local building surveyors who will be happy to help.

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