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Making the Most of a Compact Kitchen


Planning a new kitchen design in a compact area doesn’t have to be difficult, with the help of expert kitchen designers, you can install your dream kitchen.


The real secret to success when it comes to designing or renovating a small kitchen is creativity and imagination. You can’t build barriers when dealing with a small space, you must think outside the box and consider all your options. Some of the best kitchens in Chesterfield were installed in homes which struggled for space, but the designers used smart layouts to create an illusion of space along with clever storage solutions.


Too many units in compact kitchens make the space feel claustrophobic, it suffocates the room, making it seem even smaller than usual. Your kitchen should be functional, meaning everything should be easy to reach and simple to store. Items such as uninterrupted worktops provide a

practical area for cooking along with a sleek design than creates an illusion of space.


Careful placement and storage of your kitchen appliances will allow your kitchen to flow more smoothly. When working with a small kitchen, think about how you’ll store useful appliance such as:

  • Slow cookers
  • Toasters
  • Sandwich makers
  • Blenders
  • Kettles

When designing a new concept, a professional kitchen installation team using a kitchen triangle to help their clients create a practical setup. This means they’ll ensure your sink, oven and fridge are all in close working distance.

Working with a small kitchen does have its challenges, but if you get assistance from a skilled designer, they’ll be able to create something unique.

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