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Best Understanding of the Perfect Electrician Choices


A home electrician is not only the interior of the house, but also the external walls and the area of ​​the entire plot. With the specific term residential electricians near me you can have all these information.

Partially, especially in the first part of the cycle, we raised the topic of cable routing to the outer wall of the house for:

  • The external heat pump unit
  • air conditioning
  • Lighting on the facade

Lighting and external sockets

Generally speaking, above or within each entrance to the house, there should be a lighting fixture in the form of a wall lamp or floodlight on the façade. You know, when you go out in the evening from a bright room, you do not want to enter the darkness. I mean in particular:

The main entrance to the house

  • Garage door
  • Rear exit (e.g. from the boiler room)
  • Exit to the terrace

The switch of a given functional lighting is placed in the room next to the door / gate / exit window.

Perhaps you will want to illuminate the side of the house with a sconce, which has no exit, but there is a nice piece of garden. The most optimal will be if these luminaires will be attached from the same place (a separate switch), for example, the lighting of the terrace or at the exit to the garden.


Facade lighting is one thing. And atmospheric lighting with LED strips or LED spotlights arranged around the terrace is a completely different story. Is it worth it? This question (as usual) has no universal answer.

When lighting in the garden, it is worth considering the luminaires for very low 12 or 24V voltage. However, in such a system you have to plan to place the power supply between the switch and the garden lamp.

Path to the gate

It is not uncommon that from the entrance of the house to the gate, along the pavement / path, there are spotlights to make the guests enjoy the door. Is it worth it? As always, the question is of aesthetic sensitivity and budget. Although the solution is not expensive in itself, and in relation to the entire construction, the path lighting price is a statistical error. Though, on the other hand, at the end of construction every coin counts. I have deviated from the subject … we’re going on!


Illumination of trees planted along the fence sometimes makes a nice effect. So this is another issue to consider.


On the façade, it is worth placing several sockets. This is one or a pair of sockets on the wall (and certainly around the terrace). Of course, on the side of the building, where the dog with a lame leg will not come, it makes no sense to add nests. The housing of the socket should withstand changing weather conditions and have a protection degree of min.

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