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Maintaining Your Garage Door


Your garage door is most likely going to be the largest moving part in your house, not to mention one of the most important. If you have to leave your home often for commutes in your vehicle, chances are that your garage door sees a lot of use.

Most garage doors are connected to automatic openers that can be operated at the push of a button. It’s convenient, but that convenience means that lots of people rarely stop to consider how much stress is put on a machine by repeated use. The garage door has multiple moving parts that need to be maintained—parts that all work in conjunction with each other. All it takes is for something to go wrong with any of these parts and your garage door is all but useless.

As with any part of your home that sees a lot of use, a garage door needs proper maintenance if it is to work properly. Here are a few garage door maintenance tips that should help you keep everything running smoothly.

Keep Your Door Clear of Debris

If your garage door doesn’t close all the way, it could be because there is too much dirt and debris in the area where the door seal touches the ground. Many modern garage door openers are designed to stop or go into reverse if anything stops it from lowering completely. It’s a useful safety measure, but it can also be a good indicator that you should take the time to clean off your driveway. Dirt, branches, leaves and other debris should always be swept clear of your garage door. This will also preserve your garage door by maintaining its alignment and keep its rollers from going off track.

Keep All Moving Parts Lubricated

The rollers, springs and hinges of a garage door are its most important parts. If they aren’t well lubricated, your garage door may not open or close. Lubricate all moving parts at least four times a year, and make sure your door opens and closes smoothly.

Make Sure All Cables are in Working Order

The cables in your garage door opener can become frayed and damaged fairly easily and, since they’re used to lift a heavy garage door, it’s important that they be inspected regularly. Check your cables regularly to make sure they aren’t fraying. They will become frayed over time, so make sure you know when it’s time to have them changed.

Tighten Any Loose Bolts

Many of the more complex parts of a garage door or a garage door opener are too difficult for a homeowner to tackle as part of a DIY project; it’s best to find a contractor to repair things such as springs and cables. However, one thing that just about anybody can do is to make sure all the bolts of the garage door are nice and tight. Tightening loose bolts is a simple matter, so don’t be afraid to take care of that issue yourself if need be. As with the rest of your garage door, you should try to tighten the bolts at least a few times a year or whenever you suspect something is coming loose.

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