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Is Now the Time to Upgrade Your Boiler


You might think you can’t afford to replace your boiler, but you might think again when you learn that an upgrade could shave hundreds of pounds off your annual energy bill. Here in the UK, we rely on our boilers daily year-round. Eventually, all that usage will lead to wear and tear, and it’s often more cost-effective to replace your boiler rather than repair it.

Modern boilers are much more energy-efficient than older systems, which is why in addition to reducing your heating costs, they’re also better for the environment. If you’ve had the same boiler for over a decade, it’s highly likely that you could benefit from an upgrade.

Some signs that indicate you need a new boiler include:

  • You no longer have hot water or heating
  • There are strange banging or gurgling sounds coming from your boiler
  • Your boiler keeps turning off without warning
  • There are leaks around your boiler
  • You’ve lost water pressure
  • The pilot light keeps turning off
  • Your radiators won’t heat up

Provided you call a team of reputable Southampton gas installers, you can feel confident that you’ll receive honest advice. You may be told that investing in repairs is worthwhile. Or, if your boiler is old and inefficient, you may be recommended to purchase a replacement.

Within the space of a few years, a new boiler could virtually pay for itself by reducing your heating costs significantly. If you notice any of the signs detailed above, call a team of expert gas installers without delay.

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