How Does a Professional Drain Cleaner Unblock Drains?


There are a number of solutions the professional drain cleaner might employ to clear a blockage, and it really does depend on the specific situation. It might, for example, be a small blockage near the toilet or under the kitchen sink, which is an easy thing for him to fix, or it could be caused by invasive tree roots under the garden, which would require a totally different approach.

State of the Art Technology

The drain specialist has special rugged go-anywhere remote controlled vehicles that carry CCTV cameras, and once he send one down into your drains, the problem soon becomes apparent. Once he has located the blockage, clearing it very easy, and he might employ a number of strategies to do that.

No Digging Up the Garden

There was a time not so long ago when it might require half the garden to be dug up before the blockage was found, yet the CCTV system eliminates the need for exploratory excavations. He might have to dig a small hole directly above the blockage, which can quickly be repaired, ot you might be lucky and no digging is required.

Why Choose Professional Drain Cleaning Services?

Leading Leeds drainage companies would:

  • Quickly resolve the issue
  • Cause minimal damage
  • Offer a permanent solution
  • Guarantee his work

If you try to unblock the drain yourself, there’s a chance you will only make things worse, and rather than take that chance., for a small cost, you can have your drains unblocked and thoroughly cleaned out, ensuring a smooth flow.

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