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3 Ideas for Updating Your Office Space


As we spend about a third of our life working, it’s vital that you enjoy the space you’re spending your workday in. Switching up the smaller items like decor or bigger components like the entire design of the workplace can yield valuable results, leading to better productivity, morale, and cooperation among your team. When it’s time to re-evaluate your workspace, look to some of these interior designer approved office interior design trends for inspiration.

More Light

Fluorescent lights are slowly becoming a thing of the past in office spaces, and with good reason. Not only are they harsh and unsightly, but they’re not very kind to the eyes after several hours spent under them daily. Many offices spaces are swapping out dated fluorescent lighting for more contemporary options, as well as introducing more opportunities for natural light to enter the space. Natural light is more inspiring, and better for the well-being of the staff. If there is natural light to be embraced, clear all windows of coverings or pieces that may be blocking light, and rearrange the layout of the office so that it can be better lit.

For offices spaces that don’t receive as much natural light, look for more modern lighting options to supplement in darker areas (as well as areas that will need it post-sunset) instead of installing massive amounts of fluorescent lighting throughout the space. A new favorite for many designers is a sleek pendant light to provide some visual appeal and style.

Live Plants

It’s time to toss any fake plants hanging around the office and switch them out for the real thing. As offices can sometimes appear cold and lifeless, it can be extremely valuable to bring in some live greenery. Not only are they easy on the eyes, but they’re also known to decrease stress and create a more easygoing environment for those surrounded by them, which can be a huge plus in a business setting.

Furthermore, some plants are air-cleaning, providing a better environment for all employees, and can keep humidity low. Look for plants that are easy to care for so that they don’t distract from your office duties.

Comforting Furnishings

For a place you tend to sit down in all day, most offices are far from comfortable. Look to new furniture to bring a in a less rigid feeling so that employees can feel at bit more at home in their workspace. Instead of being so stiff, office chairs should be somewhat flexible and cushioned so that employees don’t feel cramped or forced upright, and seating areas within a waiting room or office should be plush and inviting for visitors, making them more at ease in your office.

Add other elements that instill a cozier feeling, like rugs. They can designate different areas within the office, from a sitting area, to a conference room, to reception, and add a more confident sense of style to the area. Add a few pillows to these seating arrangements, and those at your office will certainly feel the improvements firsthand.

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