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Help for Drain Issues in Your Home


There are several problems that result in drainage issues in the home. Many times, items get put into the drain that do not belong there. The chances of this happening when you have kids in the home seem to be greater. Tired parents may accidentally put baby wipes in the toilet and attempt to flush them. Kids may also put toys or other items in the toilet or sink. When items get stuck in the drain or further down in the sewage line, water can back up into your home.

Clearing the Drain

Sometimes, you may know what got stuck in the drain, other times you may be surprised to find that the toilet won’t stop overflowing. There may be extreme amounts of hair in the bathtub drain, as well. A specialist may need to come out and snake the drain if the clog has moved far into the pipes. It is best to avoid using large amounts of chemicals on your own. These can damage pipes if overused.

Dealing with Pipes

The pipes in the home may also be to blame for leaks and clogs. When pipes become misaligned, items cannot pass through them properly. There may not be enough room for chopped up food or toilet paper to pass, for example. You may even need to replace portions of damaged pipes. You can often find what you need at an Oldham drain and sewer clearance.

  • Replacement parts
  • Better quality pipes
  • Rust resistant options

Many people do not think about how much they use the drains in their home daily. They play a part in how you clean your kitchen, flush your toilets, and how well your shower works. Try to care for your plumbing properly and call for help when you suspect a clog is forming.

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