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Hidden Benefits Of Basement Tanking Systems


In any building, the basement suffers the most from water damage as water can enter through cracks in the infrastructure. It can cause severe structural damage and the growth of mould. Hence, basement tanking is important for waterproofing.

Let’s count the hidden benefits of basement tanking systems:

It can lower the energy costs:

By installing basement tanking system, energy costs can be saved. The energy efficiency is increased by arresting cold air from entering during the winter. During the warmer months, it can stop the excess moisture to seep into the home giving relief to the air conditioner.

Protects the basement floor:

Usually, the basement is made up of a concrete floor that is not thick. Hence, it becomes vulnerable to the pressure generated from the swelling up of the groundwater leading to cracks. Serious flooding can happen. Tanking systems can save the basement floor from it.

It can save you from health issues:

Humidity urges the poisonous mould to grow rapidly. Twenty-four to forty-eight hours are enough for the toxic back mould to develop. Continued exposure to the mould can pose a danger to your health that can be prevented by waterproofing the basement.

Protects the sump pump:

A significant part of the basement tanking is installing a sump pump. But sump pump can’t be relied on for keeping the water out of the basement. When the pump malfunctions, water can shoot into the basement. Additional waterproofing like tanking cellars can provide effective protection for the sump pump and the basement.

Lowers the insurance claim costs:

Approximately one-fifth of the insurance claims are held for the water damage. The basement flooding includes rupture in the foundation. It also involves major structural faults to the drywall, woods, etc. that can soar the claim’s price. Tanking cellars can cease the basement flooding and help in lowering the cost of the insurance claims.

Raise the property value:

A basement accounts for a complete floor. Basement can be used for many useful activities. Growing mould and keeping it moisture laden is not a good idea. If you wish to sell your home, a damaged basement can reduce the value. Whereas, a dry and clean basement apt for use enhance the property value which is possible through tanking cellars.

Your investment is safeguarded:

When you buy a house, you want it flawless. Then, you maintain it regularly to increase its longevity and keep its beauty intact. The basement is the foundation on which the other floors stand. Make sure of strengthening your investment’s future value. Waterproofing the basement ensures its long-term health.

If you wish to use the home’s cellar to the fullest, you have to keep it dry and mould free. Tanking cellars render an impenetrable waterproof coating to the floor and the walls. Elevate the utility of the square footage of your home.

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