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Essential Furnishing Elements for a Stunning Reception


Choosing appropriate furniture for the reception of any kind of establishment is really a very daunting task. The task gets tougher because this area of any office needs the right kind of balance between aesthetic appeal and functionality. This arrangement ascertains that the people deployed there work efficiently, and the overall ambience creates a very positive impression about your profession or business.

This article offers some practical suggestions on how to obtain the required balance in the reception area-

Pick up the desk after making a basic layout

Desk is a prominent part of reception area furniture and should be picked up with utmost care. Preparing a basic layout of the area is recommended before you decide anything. The layout will give you an exact idea of the available space. As far as design is concerned, you can go for a simple yet elegant desk made from high quality plywood supplied by the top plywood manufacturer in India.

In case you have a very spacious reception area, then keeping it in L shape would be a great idea. L shaped reception desk creates more room for the reception personnel to perform their duties. What’s more, you can make the desk more stunning by applying some premium quality veneers sourced from the reputed decorative veneer suppliers.

Choose a fully ergonomic and highly functional chair

The personnel deployed at the reception spend a large part of their duty hours by sitting behind the desk. That is the reason they must be provided with a fully ergonomic and highly functional chair. It would also be good if the chair is equipped with swivel seat as well as wheels. These attributes along with proper backrest and adjustability make the reception people multitasking.

Install spacious storage drawers, wall cupboards and filing cabinets

You can find nowhere a reception that does not need a moderate storage space. Therefore, make a better arrangement of spacious drawers and wall cupboards which are considered to be the best for keeping all types of office paraphernalia. In case the people at reception have to deal with heavy documentation, then arranging a dedicated filing cabinet is also a workable idea.

Make cosy, comfortable, elegant and stylish seating arrangement for visitors

As far as seating arrangement for your visitors is concerned, it must be cozy, comfortable, elegant and stylish enough to create a compelling first impression. It should be in perfect sync and harmony with the basic furnishing scheme of your office. Don’t be oversized here because any hindrance to move freely around can spoil the mood of your visitors. Sofas are considered to be the best space savers in the reception areas. You also have another choice of going customized here, in case you think readymade furniture is not likely to serve your purpose.

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