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6 Ways You Can Prevent A Blocked Drain


A blocked drain not only let the germs enter your home but also creates an obstacle to daily life snatching your peace of mind. Hence, instead of waiting for the drain to get blocked and overflowing, taking preventive steps to avoid blockage is the best. In Bracknell, many expert professional agencies are presently equipped with trained workers who can rescue the citizens from the severe blocked drain situations using modern equipment and researched back techniques.

However, presenting you the 6 most useful ways to prevent a blocked drain:

  1. Use drain cleaning products:

If you sense small blockages, use drain unblocker. Small clogs, if ignored, attract more debris and develop into big blocks affecting the pipeline. You can use eco-friendly products for keeping the pipes clear. Household products like boiling water, vinegar, and baking soda work well.

  1. Only flush toilet paper and human waste:

Never flush anything down the toilet other than toilet paper and human waste. Things like toys, baby wipes, empty bottles, etc. won’t flush away and block the drain. If things like these happen, call plumbers for help.

  1. Flush the drains properly:

The low flow faucets or toilets may be okay for saving a good amount of water, but it won’t help to keep the drains squeaky clean. If the volume of water is low, it won’t be able to carry away the big load of debris, and the later will accumulate in the pipes, blocking them. When trying to clean blocked drains in Bracknell, make sure to use at least five-gallon bucket of water and flush at the same time for keeping the main drain line properly clear. Releasing hot water through the sinks, bathtub and tap down the drain helps in augmenting your venture.

  1. Bacteria can assist you:

If you are doing the cleaning job yourself, make use of the bacterial drain cleaner. The type of bacteria present in the cleaner breaks down the organic matter like food particles, grease, hair, etc. that are blocking the drains. The cleaner is non-corrosive in nature and thus, the pipes won’t be harmed. In fact, the bacteria don’t mess with the bacteria present in the septic system. Use the cleaner when the drains are not in use as it will take time to do the needful.

  1. Place mesh screens:

Placing mesh screens all over the drains in the kitchen, bathroom, etc. helps in preventing blockage. The screen will catch the junks, little things that accidentally reaches the mouth of the drain, food items, hair, plastic, etc. and won’t let them enter the pipes.

  1. Call the experts:

If things are going out of your hand, or you need no-hassle cleaning the blocked drain, call the Bracknell plumbers who will arrive at your location at your given time and do a survey of the entire drainage system to locate the root cause of the blockage. They will check the pipelines and diagnose the area that is obstructed by waste materials. They use CCTV cameras and other modern tools to serve the job. They will check if the pipelines are broken, or the sewer needs to be rebuilt. An annual inspection by the experts will keep your drain lines clear and prevent blockage.

These preventive measures can save you from the nightmare of the blocked drains

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