Advantages of Composite Decking


Composite decking is a material used instead of wood because of its various benefits. Makers of composite decking seek to emulate the properties of actual hardwood timber.

Composite decking is growing in popularity not because of the environmental crisis at hand but also because of its tremendous advantages which include:

Minimal Cleansing

Composite decking requires only light cleaning several time a year to maintain its integrity. Only soap and water is required a couple of times a year and it will be in great shape.

It is a great advantage especially when contrasted with wood which needs regular sanding and stain removal for its preservation. The situation is even more dire if your deck is in harsh environment where it is constantly bombarded by the elements.

When you use composite decking, you can spend more of your time enjoying the deck instead of worrying about cleaning it, fixing it and protecting it from the elements. You can get composite decking from reputable companies such as Deckorum.


When using real hardwood to make a deck, there are only several options you have which will be tied to your area unless you can import wood from elsewhere. On the contrary, when you use composite decking you are assured of a myriad of composite decking grades.

Different composite decking grades will have different features and characteristics. Therefore, you can choose the composite decking with features that are most suitable to your environment.

Environmentally Friendly

Composite decking is mainly made from recycled material. As opposed to using real hardwood where you have to cut trees for timber, when using composite decking, no trees have to fall so you can have a beautiful property.

Composite decking also lasts longer meaning you won ‘t have to dispose of it and add to your local garbage collection. Its ability to withstand harsh weather conditions also adds to composite decking ‘s friendly nature. Longer Lifespan When choosing composite decking environmentally, you have the choice of choosing capped or uncapped decking. With capped decking, the boards are covered in plastic that can be altered to mimic the color and look of natural hardwood.

The plastic improves the board ‘s resistance to damage. In fact, most composite decking board makers will offer a 25 – year warranty against such damage which is longer than any natural wood product.

Easy to install

The process of installing composite decking boards and normal wood boards is exactly the same. However, you do not need any specialized tools to install so you can even install it yourself.

As soon as you attach a frame to the main supportive structure, you can start installing your composite boards. Moreover, you can install your boards in whichever manner you want.


composite decking is impervious to water due to the way they are made. Such an advantage is particularly attractive in places with extremely wet weather.

The inability to absorb water also makes composite decking highly resistant to mold which would destroy your boards. On the other hand, you should take precautions such as placing the boards above the ground so that even when they are affected by mold, it can be easily removed.