Bee, Wasp & Hornet Infestations – What to Do

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All three of these British insects offer a nasty sting, and in the summer months, they are very busy and often relocate as their numbers increase. Bees like to nest in the eaves of the roof, while wasps and hornets often settle in trees, and if you suspect that you have any of these creatures living on your property, you should call in professional help as soon as possible.

The Dangers

These hardy insects live in large swarms, and with amazing cooperation, they go about their business, all with the swarm’s best interests at heart, and should the nest be threatened in any way, they are likely to go into attack mode. This could be caused by something like a kid’s bike hitting the tree, or a football that lands nearby, and once the insects think their home is threatened, they will likely attack anything nearby.

Pest Control Companies

There are affordable pest control services in Bradford who can arrive on the scene and exterminate the insects, and in some cases, the pest control officer will try to relocate bees if at all possible, while wasps and hornets are humanely exterminated.

Important Points to Remember

When dealing with bees, wasps and hornets, the following points need to be remembered:

  • When you identify a nest site, keep people and pets away from the immediate area.
  • Do not attempt nest removal yourself – This can be extremely dangerous, especially with hornets.
  • Contact a pest control company as soon as possible.

Once the nest has been removed, you are unlikely to experience a repeat occurrence, and the pest control officer would ensure that all the insects have been eradicated before leaving the premises.