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Adapting Your Home for a Disability: The Bathroom


Having a disability and getting around your home freely can be a challenge, most homes just aren’t equipped or user friendly for people who suffer. When many homeowners think of bathroom adaptations for people with disabilities, they often think care home or hospital bathroom. There are a lot of companies who specialise in disability adaptations, if you are planning on getting a new bathroom fitted in Bristol. An experienced company who specialise in bathroom adaptations can supply and fit all kinds of useful features:

A skilled design team can create a visually appealing bathroom that meets all your unique requirements. A modified bathroom doesn’t have to resemble something you’d find in your local hospital, it can be stylish, yet functional.

Benefits of Fitting Home Bathroom Adaptations for the Disabled

Easy Access – Trying to get in and out of a bathroom, which isn’t designed for you can be extremely difficult and frustrating. Something like a wet room is great for improving access, it allows wheelchair users to get in and out without any obstructions. In addition, an adapted bathroom helps carers work with their patients without having to worry about additional problems.

Safety – Adapting your bathroom to suit your needs makes it safer. Installing something as simple as a handrail allows you to move around the bathroom with support.

Independence – Changing your bathroom gives you more freedom, you no longer have to depend on family members, carers or friends when you want to shower or use the toilet.

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