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5 Reasons You Should Make Colorado Your Home


Do you not miss the chance to visit majestic Colorado. A bonus to traveling to Colorado is that it is a beautiful place to visit year-round – so why not move there? Offering some of the best weather in the US, Colorado has snowy winters, sunny springs and summers, and colorful falls. Let’s look at 5 more reasons Colorado is a great place to live.

The Scenic Landscape

Colorado is beautiful. No matter where you turn, the scenic landscape will take your breath away. From seeing the Rocky Mountains rise to the sky to experiencing the desert-like Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado offers once in a lifetime views.

It’s no surprise that people travel to Colorado to experience nature. Offering both the mountains and lakes, Colorado is the perfect place to try out fly fishing or go hiking. For the mountain adventurers, Colorado provides the opportunity to do some epic climbing with over fifty fourteeners. Not to be forgotten, Colorado is also home to some of the best skiing in the country.

Amazing Wildlife Sightings

Another popular reason to visit Colorado is to see the all the wildlife up close. If you are hoping to see Elk, aim to visit in the fall during Elk Rut. This is elk mating season, so elk are everywhere. Seeing these enormous creatures is incredible.

But, elk are not the only wildlife you’ll see in Colorado. As I mentioned earlier, Colorado is also a great place for fly fishing. Additionally, you can expect to see deer, bears, foxes, and moose. Some of these animals may even cross your path, so have your camera ready at all times!

Cultural Cities

While getting back to nature is the most popular reason people visit Colorado, you can find several cultural hotspots. Denver, the capital city, is a bustling metropolitan area with several tourist attractions, entertainment venues, restaurants, and shopping.

One visit will show you that there is more than hiking taking place in Colorado. The art, music and food scenes are alive and thriving in Colorado. Depending on when you travel to Colorado, you may have the chance to experience one of the many festivals that take place here with the picturesque Rocky Mountains in the background. But, if you live in Colorado, you get to take your pick!

Over 200 Breweries

If you are a beer connoisseur or just someone who loves a good brew, you will love Colorado just because it is home to over 200 breweries! In addition to the giants like Miller Coors, Colorado is also home to several outstanding local breweries. Take a brewery tour and stock up on your favorite brews.

An Amazing Food Scene

Foodies will rejoice when they land in Denver. From exquisite brunches to delicious barbecue, Colorado knows how to satisfy all your food cravings. For example, Denver’s Union Station is home to several restaurants, including Mercantile, a top restaurant in 2016.

A Place to Settle

Denver’s job market is exploding, especially in the energy, healthcare, and tech industries. As the job market continues to grow, Denver is becoming an even better place to settle than it already is. More jobs are available, and more activities gain traction. With sporting events, cultural excursions, and outdoor adventures, you will never be bored.

Plus, Colorado is a great place for families to settle. It is a family-friendly state with excellent schools and activities for children. Your children will grow up surrounded by nature, as well as the opportunity to experience Colorado’s diverse culture. Families moving to Denver will have their choice of safe neighborhoods and schools, all while remaining close enough to the downtown city action.

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