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Why Ceiling Fans are No Longer a Thing of the Past?


The answer to the question of why ceiling fans are no longer a thing of the past depends on the person you ask. Ceiling fans are there for decades and will be there even for many because of their high efficiency. Apart from the efficiency, ceiling fans consider less space that makes them ideal for cramped up spaces. These are some of the reasons that withstand the test of the time for ceiling fans.

Expert interior designer suggests that if you install the ceiling fan is the right way, it adds visual charm to the room by increasing the overall arrangement. They also work great for certain spaces, for example, in tropical, industrial, or mid-century contemporary fashion.

Keeping these thoughts, let’s have a look at why ceiling fans are no longer a thing of the past and why it’s high time you need to rewire your grandmother’s ceiling fan.

  • Wide Angle Lighting

Some homes have very pitiable illumination where the owner of the house invested mostly in interior designing. The best way to deal with poor lighting is to install a multi-functioning ceiling fan with bright, extensive lighting. Installing one is enough for the room to light up. There are ceiling fans that can lodge up to 4 bulbs, and thus, you can have adequate brightness that too at half the electricity or power.

  • Comfort

Win winter, the temperature usually goes down to use a fan to get a breeze. Though, there is a way one can use the ceiling fan to heat up the room. It is mainly down by reversing the rotation of the fan from counter-clockwise to clockwise. Rather than blowing freezing air down, the ceiling fan will start blowing hot air on the way to the ceiling and downwards the room.

  • Efficiency

As stated earlier, ceiling fans have great efficiency as compared to other options for fans. A ceiling fan has the ability to move more amount of air in cubic feet per minute. Now, this creates a cool breeze that minimise the ambient temperature by almost 8 degrees. This, in turn, helps in saving almost 40% in the energy bills of air conditioners.

  • Eco Friendly

Using a ceiling fan made of recycled steel, ethically sourced wood, or even plastic is one of the best ways to make it eco-friendly. The best part is that you get to enjoy the cool, soothing breeze along with the added perks of being environment friendly.

  • Less Space

Ceiling fans have always been a better choice than air conditioning units when it comes to space consumption. The former one always uses less use than the latter. They are usually installed on the ceiling and allow adequate space, particularly in a confined apartment where space is considered a luxury.

Just the way they say, in our social media future, the past no longer exists; you cannot consider ceiling fans as a thing of the past as you have innumerable reasons to keep using it. Ceiling fans are worth the money. Before you choose your pick, make sure you have a better understanding of the right size that you need in your home.

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