What is Low Moisture or Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning?


There are multiple ways to clean your precious beautiful looking carpet. The best method to clean efficiently is to use low moisture cleaning and water extraction cleaning of carpets. 

What exactly is low moisture cleaning of carpet? 

It is one of the advance new methods of cleaning the carpets. It is mostly preferred by carpet owners as it is a dry form of carpet cleaning, and hence there are minimal chances of carpet being spoiled by mould formation later on. This method is highly useful on the carpets subjected to high traffic walks. 

  • The process involved in low moisture cleaning of the carpet.

A commercial advanced vacuum is one of the best vacuum for cleaning devices which is used to clean the carpet thoroughly helping in removing big particles dust and debris stuck to the carpet.

The carpet will be sprayed with organic non-chemical present detergent.

The cleaning agent will be left for a few minutes to remove the stain on the carpet. 

A special orbital carpet cleaning device is used to remove the cleansing agent. Cotton pads attached to the device end helps to soak the liquid thoroughly. 

Carpet fibres are well cleaned by moving the cleaner again and again over it. 

For the final step, a carpet rake is used to make the carpet leave out moisture and the fibre looks new and stands upright. 

Know more about water extraction cleaning of carpet:

It is a traditional way of cleaning the carpet done for decades. The only issue is their chances of carpet not being fully dried, thus the formation of mould can spoil the look and life span of the carpet will reduce.

  • The steps involved in water extraction cleaning of the carpet.

The steaming hot water along with dissolved cleansing agents of superior quality is induced in the carpet fibres with high power cleaning devoice exerting high pressure. This helps the dirt particles to be removed immediately. 

A modified vacuum cleaner is used to loosen dirt particles and to dry the wet area of the carpet. The vacuum machine is moved frequently to fully dry the carpet fibers and make it look like new.

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