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Top 5 Facts You Need to Know Before Opting for Glass Shower Doors  


For house owners and homemakers their home is a heaven and they do their optimum to keep them feel like one. The two of the most important corners of the home are the kitchen and the bathroom. Stylists and designers put almost half of their efforts in making these two corners upgraded and revamped than any other part of the home. From this you can get an idea how much is the importance of these two nooks of home.

Either you are building a new bathroom or just upgrading the existing one you need some exquisite and up-to-the-minute installations just to be a part of modern trends. One of the top-notch current trends in making and renovations of the bathroom is having glass shower doors. These glass panels serving as the door in front of your shower area can add 3-7 times more value to your overall bathroom. And when the bathroom is upgraded the whole home get uplift instantly. But before you opt for these glass shower enclosures you must be aware of some facts and FAQs about them. These helpful details will make you enable to make more wise and ingenious steps. And we all know renovation is all about decision making.

Custom Build Shower Doors

First of all you need to know that shower glass doors and especially frameless shower glass doors are made on custom orders. Frameless shower enclosures are made on special orders, by measuring and calculating all the necessary dimensions for proper fitting. Also, these doors are made of special glass type which cannot be cut or folded afterward that is why they are more of custom nature.

Width Restrictionsfor Frameless Glass Door:

Glass shower curtains are restricted in length like you can have as high as you want but you cannot have as wide as you want. Width is restricted to 36” inches and you have to make all of your customizability and renovation inside this width. However, if you need larger panels then two sheets can be combined to make the one.

You need professionals for fitting and installation

One very important aspect and fact about having shower curtains made of glass are that you need professionals to help you. You need some proficient and expert installers to make these panels fit for you in your bathroom. DIYers can cause them major loss if these sheets are not placed appropriately.

Tempered glass – the only favorite material for making glass shower doors

Bathrooms are areas of high human activity and involvement that is why they need to be safe and secure accordingly. Glass is breakable material that’s why shower glass doors are made of specialized glass types. Tempered glass sheets are made especially for safety purposes through a special glass hardening process called annealing. These sheets provide durable and safe glass sheeting solutions.

NO Mildews and No Mold

One of the most amazing facts to know about glass shower curtains is that they are easy to have. Being clearly made up of glass they provide resilience against molds and mildews to be speeded over them. Unlike other substantial surfaces like wood, vinyl, and iron, they are more preventive to the growth of microorganisms.

Some Consideration While Having Glass Shower Panels

  • Keep them regularly cleaned: Glass shower doors are those accessories in your bathroom that need to be cleaned and washed regularly. To get best out of these sheets one has to be concerned about the cleanliness and neatness around the shower panels.
  • Use quality glass cleaners: To make these shower enclosures sheets cleaned and properly managed to use some quality glass cleaners. You can go for home remedies like vinegar, soda, and lemon pastes to keep them cleaned but for long term washing and cleaning use quality glass cleaners available in the market.
  • Always use tempered glass sheets as shower curtains: for human safety and long withstanding features you must go for choosing glass shower panels made up of tempered glass sheets. These sheets are toughened and hardened that is why they stand for a long run.
  • Beware of ammonia-based washing products: when choosing cleaning materials for your home appliances and accessories never choose the ammonia-based products especially for cleaning glass sheets in the bathroom. There are two reasons why you should avoid ammonia and its products. First, it smells in pungent and irritating odor. Secondly, it is unsafe properties for health. Even FDA has not marked this substance safe for health.
  • Be sure that your glass shower curtain is fitted properly: while making all the fittings and fixtures in the bathroom remodeling projects, be sure of that you shower curtains are placed properly and firmly. This is going to be some major investments by you in your bathroom.

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