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The Basement Renaissance Transforming Your Home


Basements were once considered just a handy amenity for secure storage a place to keep the mountain bikes during those long winter months or somewhere to keep all the other stuff that is infrequently used and just clutters up the house.

More imaginative and adventurous house owners once finished and renovated these underground caverns as either a laundry room or a man den. After all, the basement was both a perfect place to locate the washing machines and tumble dryers out of site yet close at hand, which released valuable living space for more aesthetic purposes. The basement was also a perfect location for a man den, somewhere to escape the hustle and bustle of the home, a peaceful sanctuary, yet close at hand.

However over the last decade or so there has been something of a renaissance in basement renovation and home owners are becoming more aware of the potential and the possibilities that their basement holds. This is noticeable in the recent transformation away from the laundry room and man cave to much more imaginative and ambitious designs.

Where once the basement was a clutter of stored and valued but unused possessions, a space for unsightly washing paraphernalia or a pool table and widescreen TV in a mans den, basement renovations have gone way beyond this and designer imagination seems to hold no limits

What we are seeing now due to technology advances is that the basement can be transformed into anything you want it to be. This is because those professional finishers have found ways to protect against adverse environmental conditions such as damp and humidity and have created viable living space for all the family. There is no longer the fear that the damp and mold will eventually seep through the walls and by doing so ruin not just the wall décor buteventually everything in the room. Indeed the musky smell of many a basement was telltale to that occurrence.

Instead what we are seeing are professional finishers of basements creating some truly inspirational work. We are seeing basements renovated to be amongst others; a dining room, the children’s play areas and even guest bedrooms. What is more we can see more ambitious renovations constructing fully self-contained apartment in their basement that they let out. These apartments will have kitchen and bathrooms self-contained and even sometimes if the terrain permits an external access door.

Clearly there is a need for home owners to consider what they are standing on and can they turn this into more property value or just better living space. Of course the cost will come into account but even if you finish and make your basement livable then it will add value to the property. Yes it might not be to the potential buyers liking that you have let’s say a home theatre in the basement but they can just like any room change it to suit their own character and taste.

Renovating your basement and creating added value at low cost has become big and in Toronto just about every older house will have one so what are you waiting for?

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