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The Attraction of a Real Fire at Home


There’s nothing to beat the warmth and cosiness of a real fire, and while today’s electric and gas fires look like the real thing, for some people, there is a big difference. Coal used to be the main fuel source for the traditional open fire, yet with quality wood burning stoves in Christchurch nearby, you can have the perfect heat, without the mess that goes with coal.

Fireplace Solutions

Ordering a wood burning stove is the perfect time to consider the fireplace, which can either be remodelled or replaced, and with a local supplier who is happy to install, your new-look living room will soon be complete.

Fireplace materials are:

  • Stone
  • Granite
  • Marble

Mahogany mantles and shelving will add contrast, while a set of brass fireplace tools will add the finishing touches.

Comfortable Winters

The harsh and unforgiving British climate never fails to deliver, but with a nice roaring wood fire burning in the living room, you will be spending your time in a warm and cosy environment. Finding a local supplier of logs is never an issue, as many homes have a real fire and logs are always available.

Buy from a Local Supplier

Your local fireplace supplier would have a wide range of domestic wood burning stoves, and a professional installation included in the price, your fire will soon be ready to provide you with that much-needed warmth. Whatever the style you choose, you can expect many years of trouble free use, and having the flue or chimney prepared is another good idea. If you don’t have a chimney, the supplier can create a flue that takes the fumes away.

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