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Smart Beds and Mattresses – What You Should Know Before Getting One


How long have you been having sleepless nights due to your uncomfortable bed? What should be done to get you out of this misery? Keep in mind that insufficient sleep and rest may lead to various health problems and when this happens, you can’t go to work or may have to stop some of your usual routines. Pretty sure that you don’t want to end up in such a state because you will feel incomplete when you cannot do those activities that you love most and you won’t surely let this day to come.

That’s why you better check if it’s there’s a need to change your bed. Would you opt to buy the usual one or maybe it’s time to look for a smart mattress so that you can get that comfortable sleep back which you had missed a lot. In my opinion, this is a concern that you should take seriously because if the situation leads to insomnia, then you will have to consult an expert for treatment. As early as possible, you have to figure out what’s bothering you most and when found out that this is just about the furniture, you will just have to get new stuff or something better.

You might be asking why does it have to be an intelligent mattress when you can always use the ordinary ones that is even easier to find and more affordable as well? Remember that you had been using the usual bed and indeed you can surely buy a new one anytime but you should have noticed that it is not already helping you catch your sleep which you deserve to have. Therefore, we have to find something that can benefit us, especially our health because sleeping disorders is not simply about treating it with pills but it includes days of monitoring, too.

What are Smart Mattresses?

It is an invention built with innovative technology with enhanced features that aid in improving a person’s level of sleep as well as to boost your sleeping experience and support your preferences. These will give you something that you cannot get by simply lying on a conventional bed since it is designed with smart functions. What you will surely enjoy here is the automated systems, though it comes with a remote control so settings could either be manual or automatic.

For example, you may control temperature, set alarms, adjust surface firmness, track your sleep, breathing, and heartbeat as well. Such functions are possible with the sensors and the system installed in this smart technology. This means that this invention is not only about the comfort it can offer.

Let’s say that it is made for customization since the said functions can automatically adjust based on your preferences. While with a traditional one, you have to adjust to it that’s why some people experience difficulties when it comes to posture and position. Anyway, the final decision is still yours so you should listen to what you need most.

Basic Features

The features of a smart mattress are not always the same since these have different brands, manufacturers, designs, models, and prices so more hi-tech features mean more to spend. It only means that you can get what you like to have, depending on your personal needs so always think about the comfort level and not just because it is high-end. But having a smart-home tech is trendy since you can connect it with other intelligent devices as long as you have a WIFI or good Internet connection.

When it comes to the features, this includes tracking and monitoring which is a basic one among smart mattresses regardless of brand or model. With a sensor, various biometric information, such as light, noise, heart rate, body temperature, and movement – read further at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biometrics to learn more about biometrics. It tracks down how you sleep which includes interruptions, calculating bedtime, sleeping cycle, and movements.

You may customize this, too, by setting your preferred temperature so the surface could be warmer or colder. However, this can be automatic because it is built with a self-adjusting sensor that’s why you won’t be disturbed from sleeping so deep and soundly. Though it may come with integrated audio for mediation that can be connected to a speaker or stereo, and alarm systems that can surely wake you up.

Tips on Choosing a Smart Mattress

The first thing that we may have to consider here is, the features or functions because these will determine how much we are willing to spend so we may base on our budget, sleeping needs, and comfort. We are all aware that anything in the market which are designed with innovative technology like this intelligent stuff will always be a lot more expensive when compared to the traditional ones. Therefore, I can see that you are determined and willing to pay for this intelligent stuff since this may benefit or help you boost your comfort level in terms of sleeping.

Another important consideration would be the quality of the materials used so you should know what’s in those layers like if it is made of foam, latex, or air because these will greatly contribute to the shelf-life or longevity, though this must have a warranty. If your problem has something to do with positioning and body weight, then you have to check on its ability to customize the firmness level or flexibility so that you can achieve comfort. It should not be too saggy which means that this should accommodate pressure for you to wake up without feeling pains in your back.

This should be able to enhance the contouring by proportionally cushioning your body weight and promoting an effective spinal alignment, which is good for those with back issues or injuries. With its ability to isolate motion, you won’t have to worry about your turning and tossing because you will not disturb your partner, so it’s like having a partition or separate zones which is also used in controlling temperature. Even side sleepers or whatever sleeping position there is may feel comfortable since positioning, posture, and movements are considered, which can be adjusted to suit your needs.

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