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Roof Repair: Signs of an Unhealthy Structure


Most property owners will agree that their roof is the most important component of their building. It offers support to the structure and keeps all occupants of your home protected from the outside environment. If you take out your roof, you’d be living in a property that would be very wet, cold and uncomfortable. Roof repair in Cambridge is among the most affordable in the country, plenty of professional roofers offer their services on all kinds of structures. When assessing the condition of your roof, keep an eye out for some of these signs and symptoms.

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  • Guttering – Always check the state of your gutters by looking for loose components or tiles which have fallen off the roof and gotten lodged in the gutters.
  • Drooping – If you’ve noticed your roof sagging, you may have some structural issues. Your roof should be solid with no signs of sagging. While assessing your roof you come across sagging, call a professional immediately and have them examine the structure.
  • Flashing – Closely study your chimney, vents and joints to check for signs of flashing.
  • Tiles – Take note of any cracked, dislodged, missing or split tiles when evaluating your roof.


  • Discolouration – Have a look around your ceilings and walls to see if you notice any signs of discolouration. It is a sign that water or moisture has penetrated your property.
  • Light Leaks – Check your interior roof during the day when you’ve good natural light, if you see any holes, have them repaired by a professional.

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