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Is Copper The Best Metal For Wiring?


Copper wire has the supreme electrical conductivity capability after silver. Copper is widely used over silver because of the fact that silver cannot be afforded in a variety of things. Copper has high ductile strength and due to which it can be transformed into a strong wire. Research shows that a 4-inch dense copper bar can be heated and stretched into 20 million times long wire which makes the size of the copper thinner than the human hair strand. Therefore, we can say that copper is one of the best metals that can be used to make wires. Copper wires have different categories such as plain copper wires, tin coated copper wires and braided copper wires. For the point to point connection in an electronic circuit, plain copper wires or sometimes tin copper wires are used. The only difference between plain and tin copper wire is that the tin copper wire has a coating that prevents the wire from oxidation. While braided copper wires are used at the places where flexibility is essential. It is mostly used in the headphone cables, speaker cables, etc. Copper wires are also scrapped in order to be reused efficiently. Also, there are copper wire scrap suppliers who provide the best quality of scrapped copper.

Uses of Copper Wire

There are a variety of applications of copper wires. Below are some of the uses which will help you understand the necessity of this metal.

  1. Telecommunication

Previously, copper was considered to be a major part of telecommunication as it was mostly used in the telephone wires. But today copper is substituted by fiber optics for better and quicker transmission of signals. Still there exists a few places where copper wires are being used.

  1. Supply of Electricity

Electricity supply to the household and then delivering it to all the appliances is one of the main uses of copper wire. Copper wires are ductile so they can be bent easily can be used everywhere according to the required. Copper is a cheaper option than any other metal which can easily conduct proper electricity.

  1. Automobile

Overview of the new technology has amplified the demand for copper wires in the industry of automobiles. It remains to rise at a rate of approximately 5% yearly. Copper wires have the ability to bend easily which qualifies them to be used in automobiles. Their high melting points make easy for the wire to be used in the areas where climate changes rapidly.

  1. Ornaments

Copper wires are also used in ornaments. This metal is very popular among the people who like scrap jewelry. They are also used as a silver coated copper wire which is used to substitute sterling silver. Copper is also resistant to tarnishing which allows the material to be used for a longer time.

  1. Other Usage Areas

Copper wires also have a higher sinking rate which allows them to be used in deep water. They can also be used in the PVC insulated cables which help in the transport system underground.

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