How to Repair Double Glazed Windows


Double glazing is a wonderful thing, and aside from insulating the home, it also provides sound insulation, yet glass is glass and a breakage is not uncommon, especially if you have kids who like to play football. Finding a glazier who is equipped to replace a double-glazed unit might seem like a tall order, yet affordable local window repair services in Warwick can be found with an online search.

Range of ServicesAside from repairing broken or cracked sealed double-glazed units, your local window repair company can:

  • Replace faulty locksReplace faulty hingesAdjust doors that stickSource matching frosted glass

Toughened Safety GlassIf your French doors are cracked or broken, rather than replacing with standard glazed units, you should have toughened safety glass fitted, which will avoid any repetition, and it is much safer, as glass doors can be mistaken as open, when they are actually closed, and a nasty bump on the head is preferable to slivers of glass from a broken pane.Victim of BurglaryWe only have to read the local newspaper to see how common house break-ins are, and should you be the victim of a burglary, it is wise to have the broken window replaced and also the locks on the windows, just to be on the safe side.Whatever your glazing needs, talk to your local glazier who will be happy to replace any broken units, and with a range of other services, you can store their number in your smartphone for future use.

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